Wednesday, August 15, 2018
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If Harry Truman Had His Way With Medicare For All Charlene Dill and Countless Others Would Still Be Alive

Medicare for all isn't a new idea, it was proposed by Harry Truman over a half century ago. Would Charlene Dill and the countless...

Debate: Is Healthcare A Personal Responsibility Or Community Responsibility?

Healthcare Debate, Thom Hartmann takes on a caller who thinks that health care is a personal responsibility instead of something that the community has...

What Do We Do When The Science Gets Scary: Climate Change And The End Of Civilization?

What do we as progressives do when it is no longer hyperbole but the science predicting catastrophic civilization ending climate change scenarios? Thom Hartmann...

Is Climate Change Killing More People Than George W. Bush?

Short answer yes, it already has, and partly because of his wars he started we still have to do something and the question is...

Three Things Government Does Better Than The Private Sector

What does the government do better than the private sector? Thom Hartmann discusses.

Debt For The Working Class And Bonuses For The Rich (w/guest Richard Wolff)

Professor Richard Wolff joins Thom Hartmann to explain the debt economy working people find themselves trapped in and the massive bonuses their bosses make...

The Latest Scam: Phishing For Dates & Dollars

Have you received a message from a dating app only to have your newest crush ask for money shortly after, or what about a...

How The Morbidly Rich Are Literally Poisoning The Working Class For Profit!

Are the morbidly rich poisoning working class people for profit? Thom Hartmann explains why it could be so.

California Law Could Limit Police Use Of Force Saving Lives

Ro Khanna tells us about a California law that if passed could limit police use of force and save lives! Thom Hartmann discusses.

How Big Pharma Thugs Created The Opioid Express

Via Thom Hartmann Program: America's Lawyer, Mike Papantonio joins Thom Hartmann to talk about the corrupt practices of opioid distributors. Transcript: Thom Hartmann: There's this opioid epidemic...

How Activists Are Working To Save Net Neutrality

Laila Abdelaziz the Digital Organizer for Fight for the Future joins us for the latest updates on how activists around the world are working...

Does Vienna’s Affordable Housing Model Prove Progressive Policies Right?

Does Vienna's Affordable Housing Model Prove Progressive Policies Right? Richard Wolff joins Thom Hartmann is joined by Professor Richard Wolff to discuss.

Global Temperature Projections Could Double As The World Burns

Should we be focusing on surviving? Is it too late to save world? Thom Hartmann discusses.

First Republican Supports Net Neutrality & Ajit Pai’s FCC Ends Sinclair Merger

Is this the twilight zone, a republican is supporting Net Neutrality and Ajit Pai's FCC stopped the Sinclair merger? Thom Hartmann discusses.

NLP And The Power Of Persuasion

John La Valle the President of the Society Of NLP joins Thom Hartmann to introduce his audience into something the world of Neuro-Linguistic Programming.

Mark Pocan On Mobilizing & Organizing To Protect Roe vs Wade In The Trump Age

Congressman Mark Pocan takes your calls on a variety of subjects, mobilizing and organizing to keep Roe vs Wade and more.

Big Oil Already Fighting Washington State Proposed Carbon Tax

Even as activists are still working to make Washington State's Carbon Tax a reality, big oil is already working against it! Nick Abraham appears...

Could Neuro- Linguistic Training Teach The World To Think Differently?

In a special treat for the Thom Hartmann audience, Dr. Richard Bandler the Co-founder of Neuro-linguistic Programming joins the show in this two part...

What Will Become Of Worker’s Rights Under Trump’s Supreme Court?

Dr. Richard Wolff joins Thom Hartmann to discuss the state of worker's rights and Unions under a Donald Trump Supreme Court.

How Far Will The Morbidly Rich & Donald Trump Go?

When the Supreme Court, Donald Trump, and Congress have everything they need to take away women's rights, worker rights, Gay, Lesbian and transgender rights,...

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