Friday, April 19, 2019
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Diane Archer: Medicare For America Is Not For You

Medicare needs to be done right. The Zero Hour with RJ Eskow discusses.

Maj. Danny Sjursen (ret.) On The Toll Of War

Military Veteran Danny Sjursen joins Richard Eskow to talk about recent developments in US foreign policy and military strategy.

Invading Iraq: A Timeline Of Greed And Lies

Richard Eskow lays out the timeline of America’s invasion of Iraq, going back to the beginning of PNAC.

Jodie Evans On Stopping The Next War

There’s still seems to be a sense of disconnection from reality within the national media when it comes to the Iraq war. Jodie...

RJ Eskow On Obama, Boeing, And $10 Million

Richard Eskow explains why conventional politics, as it’s practiced in the United States today, bother him no matter who the politician is....

Randy Bryce: A Workers PAC

Randy Bryce joins Richard Eskow to talk about Iron PAC, a new action network developed to help encourage/recruit working people to run...

Natalie Shure On Medicare For All: Goodbye, Private Insurance

Natalie Shure joins Richard Eskow to talk about what Medicare For All could mean for the private insurance industry.

Prof. Richard Wolff: Capitalism And The Family

Professor Richard Wolff joins Richard Eskow to talk about the predatory capitalist system we live under in America that imposes enormous economic...

Timothy Faust On Medicare For All: A Breakthrough Bill?

Timothy Faust, an advocate for single payer healthcare system, joins Richard Eskow to talk about the new healthcare bills proposed in Congress.

RJ Eskow: Forget Those Free Market Health Fantasies!

RJ Eskow talks about some of the myths within the healthcare industry and why Medicare For All is an important step forward.

Nancy Altman On How Seniors Win With Medicare For All

Nancy Altman, President of Social Security Works, joins Richard Eskow to discuss the details about her recent article titled, “Why Seniors Should...

Eskow: “Renting Out Facebook Accounts? It’s A Thing.”

RJ Eskow discusses renting out your Facebook account for free gear.

Prof. Richard Wolff On Billionaire Failures And Ice Cream Socialism

Prof. Richard Wolff joins RJ Eskow to discuss wealth inequality.

Ryan Grim: Pelosi Staffer Pitches Insurance Execs

Ryan Grim joins RJ Eskow to discuss Nancy Pelosi's stance on Medicare for All.

Sarah Jaffe On L.A.: Why Teachers Won

Author and Fellow at the Type Media Center, Sarah Jaffe, joins Richard Eskow to talk about a shift in leadership within teacher’s...

Eric Blanc: New Teachers, New Labor

Eric Blanc joins RJ Eskow to discuss the teachers strike in Los Angeles.

MIchael Hiltzik: Vulture Capital Eats Our Newspapers

Michael Hiltzik joins RJ Eskow to discuss the survival of journalism.

Marcela Mulholland On The Sunrise Movement: Green New Deal

We are out of time when it comes to protecting our environment and saving our planet. We have to act now and...

Sean McElwee: NY Needs Automatic Voter Registration, Now!

Richard Eskow is joined by Sean McElwee to talk about AVR Now, an organization dedicated to bringing automatic voter registration to New...

Jenya Cassidy: California’s Family Leave Plan

New California Governor Christopher Newsom has a new ambitious plan for paid family leave. Richard Eskow is joined by Director at...

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