Thursday, January 17, 2019
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Prof. Richard Wolff: Whats Coming In 2019?

RJ Eskow is joined by Professor Richard Wolff to talk about the issues people should pay attention to in 2019 as the...

Helaine Olen On Blaming Ourselves: A Double Tragedy

Helaine Olen joins RJ Eskow to discuss why we blame ourselves for financial situations that aren't our fault.

Robert Pollin: Medicare For All, With Money To Spare

A new study out of PERI recently took a look at the impact of implementing a Medicare For All healthcare system. Professor of Economics...

Animal Intelligence: A Moral Challenge

There was a recent article from the Scientific American titled, “Your Dog May Not Be a Genius, after All,” but does it misrepresent the...

Daniela Senderowicz: One Struggle: Poverty And Student Debt

We’re being told now that student debt, a problem that affects more than 44 million Americans, is just a small group of privileged people....

The Billboards Are Watching You. Really.

What would the world be like if it became more like social media? Yes, you are being watched by AI, and Yael Grauer joins...

Rep. Ro Khanna: A New Bill To Fight Pharma Greed

Prescription drug prices in America are dramatically higher than in other developed nations and two elected officials, Bernie Sanders and Ro Khanna, have decided...

Kate Kizer: Can We Stop the War in Yemen?

Can it be stopped? RJ Eskow discusses.

Sen. Jeff Merkley: Beating High Drug Prices

Senator Jeff Merkley joins Richard Eskow to describe his new bill, the Low Drug Prices Act, designed to beat higher drug prices in America....

Karen Nussbaum: Class Consciousness in the USA

What is it going to take to build sustained political change in an era of weakening labor rights, and ever increasing economic inequality? RJ...

Stacy Mitchell on Amazon: The 21st Century Railroad Baron

What Amazon is up to. RJ Eskow discusses.

Lauren Windsor: How AirBnB Hurts Our Communities

Airbnb, in Washington D.C., has been active in ways that have been helping out the communities. Lauren Windsor joins RJ Eskow to talk about...

Gun Crazy: Wells Fargo And MS-13

Wells Fargo is the Gun Bank. RJ Eskow discusses.

The Khashoggi Murder And American Complicity

Juan Cole joins RJ Eskow to discuss America's complicity in the Khashoggi murder.

RJ Eskow: Don’t Trust The Generals!

War is way too important to be left with the generals. RJ Eskow discusses how close America came to using nuclear weapons during the...

RJ Eskow On This Hilarious Anti-Cruz Ad

RJ Eskow gives his take on a recent Anti-Cruz ad from the filmmaker that brought us, “Dazed and Confused.”

RJ Eskow On Pharma For The People

The people need to control Big Pharma. RJ Eskow discusses.

RJ Eskow: Education Is A Fire

Education is key. RJ Eskow discusses.

Sean McElwee: Cancel Student Debt, NOW!

Sean McElwee joins RJ Eskow to discuss the largest unsecured debt in the country.

Medea Benjamin: War Profiteers

More profit from war. RJ Eskow discusses.

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