Saturday, July 21, 2018
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RJ Eskow On Rev. Claude Williams, Anti-Racist Hero

RJ Eskow discusses Rev. Claude Williams's contributions to the civil rights.

Puerto Rico – Remember The Dead, Help The Living

Jodi Jacobson, from, joins Richard Eskow to talk about the media’s failure to accurately report about what’s happening in Puerto Rico months following...

Kara Eastman: A Nebraska Progressive For Congress

After her primary victory, Kara Eastman is now the Democratic candidate for Congress in Nebraska’s second congressional district. Kara joins Richard Eskow to talk...

Servile Bank Regulators vs. The Volcker Rule

RJ Eskow discusses the economic dangers of bank deregulation.

Prof. Richard Wolff: Beyond Capitalism

In the wake of the financial crisis that his bank helped create, Wall Street CEO Jamie Dimon once said America lives under a system...

Dr. Sanjeev Sriram: 9 Out Of 10 Doctors Prescribe Medicare For All

The focal point of any medical system is the doctor/patient relationship; so when it comes to Medicare For All, how does the conversation play...

Fox Promotes Social Security Panic!

RJ Eskow discusses a series of FOX News broadcasts about social security.

RJ Eskow On Millenials Moving Left

RJ Eskow discusses what Millenial voters are supporting.

Nicole Smith Holt On Losing Her Son To Big Pharma Greed

Nicole Smith-Holt joins RJ Eskow to discuss the outrageous insulin prices that resulted in her son's death.

Lauren Windsor: Airbnb Bullies New York

Airbnb seems to be operating without a level of regulation and tax laws that similar businesses have to follow. Lauren Windsor joins Richard Eskow...

Jessica Jackson Sloan: A First Step To Ending Mass Incarceration

When historians of the future look back at our present era, they will see it as marked by the moral failure that is represented...

Medea Benjamin: Inside Iran

With the Unites States withdrawal from the Iran Nuclear Deal, we are in a critical moment with US/Iranian relations. Medea Benjamin, co-founder of CODEPINK,...

The Dems’ Pyrrhic War On Progressives

The Democratic Party has not been the party of big ideas for quite awhile and are now too cozy as an establishment with their...

Priti Krishtel & Tahir Amin on Big Pharma: Giving Patent Power to the People

Priti Krishtel and Tahir Amin join RJ Eskow to discuss the drug patent problem.

Nomi Prins: Collusion & Central Bankers

As we follow the news, we hear a lot about central banks and the Federal Reserve in this country, but we don’t really know...

Stephanie Kelton: Student Debt And Deficit Delusions

Professor of public policy and economics at Stony Brook University, Stephanie Kelton, joins RJ Eskow to discuss the macro benefits of cancelling all student...

You’re Not Really Human, You Know

According to scientists, more than half your body is not even human. RJ Eskow discusses this.

We’re Killing The Children Of Yemen

It's funny how empathy can sometimes be selective; especially when the media covers some stories while ignoring others, such as the human catastrophe in...

The Internet Is A Spy Machine

The internet is the city you can never leave. RJ Eskow discusses this.

The Army Should Pay Attention To Uber’s Failed “Artificial Intelligence”

What could Uber's recent artificial intelligence fail mean for the future of autonomous military drones? RJ Eskow discusses this.

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