Sunday, November 18, 2018
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RJ Eskow: Don’t Trust The Generals!

War is way too important to be left with the generals. RJ Eskow discusses how close America came to using nuclear weapons during the...

RJ Eskow On This Hilarious Anti-Cruz Ad

RJ Eskow gives his take on a recent Anti-Cruz ad from the filmmaker that brought us, “Dazed and Confused.”

RJ Eskow On Pharma For The People

The people need to control Big Pharma. RJ Eskow discusses.

RJ Eskow: Education Is A Fire

Education is key. RJ Eskow discusses.

Sean McElwee: Cancel Student Debt, NOW!

Sean McElwee joins RJ Eskow to discuss the largest unsecured debt in the country.

Medea Benjamin: War Profiteers

More profit from war. RJ Eskow discusses.

Dr. Katey Walter Anthony: What’s Happening to the Permafrost?

More issues with climate change. RJ Eskow discusses.

RJ Eskow On For-Profit Hospitals: Inferior Care, And Too Much Of It!

Everyone deserves healthcare! RJ Eskow discusses this.

RJ Eskow: “Don’t Worship The CEOs Hacking Our Consciousness!”

Social Media is addicting! RJ Eskow discusses.

Don’t Let Billionaires Rule The Future!

How do Billionaires spend their money? RJ Eskow discusses.

Prof. Richard Wolff: Capitalism On The Brink Of Collapse

Professor Richard Wolff joins RJ Eskow to discuss the consequences of economic inequality.

Dana Brown: We Need PUBLIC Pharma, Not BIG PhRMA!

Its well known that the incentives that drive Big Pharma are not the incentives that serve the public interest. Richard Eskow is joined by...

Sister Quincy Howard: Nuns On The Bus For Justice

Alex Lawson is joined by Sister Quincy Howard to discuss the “Nuns On The Bus” Tour by NETWORK Lobby for Catholic Social Justice, an...

Wendell Potter On Dispelling Myths & Getting Organized For Medicare For All

Wendell Potter, of Tarbell, joins Alex Lawson to discuss the myths surrounding Medicare for All.

RJ Eskow on The Kochs, A Mean CEO, and Medicare For All

RJ Eskow discusses medicare for all.

RJ Eskow on Love, Heartbreak, and Student Debt

Student debt is destroying lives with stress. RJ Eskow discusses.

Nancy Altman: The Truth About Social Security

It’s amazing how much misinformation the mainstream media and our elected officials spread when it comes to Social Security. Nancy Altman, President of Social...

Stephen Miles: The Overlooked Horror In Yemen

Sure it’s important to report on corruption in Washington, but it seems like that is all the mainstream media ever talks about while neglecting...

Jeff Bryant: Schoolroom On The Line

Richard Eskow is joined by Executive Director of the Education Opportunity Network, Jeff Bryant, to discuss the problems happening with the school system in...

RJ Eskow’s Radical Take On Big Pharma

The Zero Hour with RJ Eskow discusses why Big Pharma, in its present form, should be dismantled and taken over by the people.

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