Thursday, August 16, 2018
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Massive Strike Hopes To Rock U.S. Prison State

A massive nationwide prison strike is set to start August 21st. The prisoners are demanding more humane living conditions, access to rehabilitation, sentencing reform...

Company Refuses To Share DNA Data That Could SAVE LIVES

DNA testing is a lucrative enterprise where money can get in the way of medical benefits. Noami Karavani from Redacted Tonight to discuss this.

Surveillance State Grows, Prison Strike, DNA Patented

Are you being watched by our government? Lee Camp discusses.

Court Rules Airport Security Can Sexually Assault You

A new court ruling grants TSA screeners immunity from abuse claims. Lee camp discusses this.

PROOF Both Sides Of The 2 Party System Are Bought By War Profiteers & Big Banks

War profiteers and big banks have control. Lee Camp discusses.

Walmart Spying On Every Conversation In Its Stores

Walmart decides to sink even lower. Lee Camp is joined by Natalie McGill to discusses.

Billionaires Create False Reality To Manipulate Nation

Billionaires are after Unions. Lee Camp discusses.

Clearly Corrupt Prosecutors See No Jail Time

Naomi Karavani joins Lee Camp to discuss what is going wrong.

Corrupt U.S. Government Gets More Secretive

Government transparency is a benchmark to a free and open society; which is why we should always have easy access to public records. Lee...

Cannabis Legalization Sweeps Nations

Oklahoma legalizes medical marijuana. Police officer charged with criminal homicide. Lee Camp discusses.

Nestle Continues To Defend Its Slavery

Nestle continues to fight for themselves. Lee Camp discusses.

The Real Gun Debate w/ Tyrel Ventura & Tabetha Wallace

Tyrel Ventura & Tabetha Wallace join Lee Camp and discusses the real gun debate.

Youngest Mayor In USA To Start Basic Income Program

Natalie McGill joins Lee Camp to discuss universal basic income in Stockton.

The Fake Left-Wing Campaign Funded By The Right-Wing

The powerful restaurant lobby is currently trying to mask their campaign to kill Initiative 77, and upcoming ballot measure in D.C., that would gradually...

Why Am I Defending Facebook?

Lee Camp discusses why the mainstream media seems to be out to get Facebook.

Abby Martin & The Neo-Liberal Plan To Bring Down VenezueIa

Lee Camp speaks with Abby Martin journalist and host of The Empire Files, who exposes the profit-driven bias of corporate media reporting on Venezuela....

Cities Getting More Corrupt As Local News Disappears

A new study found that when community newspapers shut down, local governments become more corrupt because there’s even less oversight. Lee Camp is joined...

Entire Police System Out Of Control

Lee Camp discusses the state of out-of-control policing in the U.S.

40 Million Americans Currently Have Their Human Rights Violated

Late last year, Professor Philip Alston, the United Nations Special Rapporteur on extreme poverty and human rights, spent 2 weeks visiting the United States...

Google Officially Decides To Be Evil

Lee Camp discusses Google's decision to be evil.

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