Thursday, October 18, 2018
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#MeToo Has Gone Global In A Major Way

In the wake of the Brett Kavanaugh Supreme Court hearings, the #MeToo has gone global in a major way. John F. O'Donnell joins Lee...

Student Loan Forgiveness A Giant Scam

Country first, bank account last. Natalie McGill gives her take.

WEB EXCLUSIVE: Police Dept Caught Using Secret App

Police acting in secret. Naomi fills in for Lee Camp.

Org Bails Out 500 Poor Inmates In NYC

Poor inmates getting bailed out. Lee Camp discusses.

White House Secretly Tries To Portray Marijuana As National Threat

Marijuana is a national threat! Lee Camp discusses.

Only Wealthy Immigrants Being Allowed In

Another advantage for the rich! John F. O'Donnell discusses.

WEB EXCLUSIVE: Police Dept Caught Using Secret App

Police are being secretive. Naomi fills in for Lee Camp.

Famous Birds Have Gone Extinct This Decade

More extinction every day. Lee Camp discusses.

Experts Warned Of Corporate Created Disaster From Hurricane Florence

Death in the millions from corporate disaster in Hurricane Florence. Lee Camp discusses.

Border Patrol Targeting Humanitarian Groups

More issues at the border. Lee Camp discusses.

Small Group Beats Agro-Chemical Giants: This Is How It’s Done

A win for once. Lee Camp discusses.

Law To Stop Sleeping In Public Overturned

Sleep in public! Lee Camp discusses.

Veterans Preyed Upon By Payday Lenders

Veterans have become victims. Lee Camp is joined by Natalie McGill to discuss.

The 5 U.S. Arms Companies Profiting From War Crimes

War equals profits. Naomi Karavani discusses.

Human Right To Housing (w/ Yasmina Mrabet)

Officials and politicians are booting poor people from their homes in order to rake in millions, impacting every city in this country. Yasmina Mrabet...

The Big Meat Lie

Outgoing Missouri Governor recently approved a law that said plant-based products couldn’t be labeled with descriptions such as “ground beef style” without financial penalties...

Equifax Profits From Your Identity Theft

Social security stolen for profit.

China Stops Taking Our Trash!

3,777 days left until we're passed the point of no return for the human species. Lee Camp discusses.

US Gov’t Demands Big Tech Help Spy On The World

Five Eyes has some serious power. The Lee Camp Show discusses.

Video Evidence Voting Machines Easily Rigged

Big news not being reported on your corporate media channels. Recently at a hacking convention, we got a chance to see that rigging voting...

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