Sunday, April 22, 2018
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Oil Company Docs Say Oil Spills Are Good For Economy

BP claimed in newly revealed documents that any cleanup efforts following a huge oil spill would bring a 'Welcome boost to local economies.' Lee...

Big Banks Now Face Civil Suits For Terror/Drug Money Laundering

It came out a few years ago that HSBC had helped launder millions upon millions of dollars for major drug cartels, and they knowingly...

Coca-Cola Caught Buying Off Scientists

Redacted Tonight's Natalie McGill discusses how Coke was caught buying off scientists.

No One In Congress Will Tell You The Truth About Facebook

We gave away all of our privacy long ago to Facebook, Google, and the U.S. government. Lee Camp discusses this.

Microsoft To Monitor/Ban Language On Skype & Xbox

Microsoft is now banning offensive language on all of its platforms. Lee Camp discusses this.

Trump Comes Up With Dumbest Idea Yet

Lee Camp talks about the latest and perhaps most dumbest thing President Donald Trump has said when it comes to tackling the opioid crisis...

CEO Pay Skyrockets Even More

Lee Camp talks about how public businesses have been forced to reveal their CEO pay vs. their average employee pay.

Activists Win Against Nestlé

Lee Camp talks about a big victory against Ecoside in Guatemala and activist’s affect on Nestlé.

Uber Drivers Earn Less Than Minimum Wage

Uber and Lyft drivers' median hourly wage is just $3.37, report finds. Lee Camp discusses how these workers are actually losing money working these...

LEAKED: NYPD Files Show Cops Commit Serious Crimes

Secret NYPD files released by an anonymous whistleblower revealed that, between 2011 and 2015, at least 319 NYPD employees who committed offenses serious enough...

This Is What Could Kill Unions

Workers’ rights have been under attack for decades by right-wing corporate interests. Public-sector unions are now on the chopping block as a new Supreme...

Our Military Used Bio-Weapons On North Korea

For the first time, the report showing the U.S. used biological weapons in the Korean War was released to the public. Lee Camp discusses...

Trump Wants To Give Poor People A Box Of Shit

The Trump administration has proposed the “Harvest Box” to replace SNAP benefits, but what exactly is the “Harvest Box?” Redacted Tonight’s Natalie McGill gives...

CIA + Military Infiltrate Major Media Networks

There’s a new retirement program for the deep state. Lee Camp discusses this new nursing home for the intelligence community.

The Secret Plan To Steal Earth’s Remaining Fresh Water

Lee Camp discusses the privatization of natural resources.

Disaster In Puerto Rico Just Got Worse

Disaster capitalists have indeed descended upon the US island territory of Puerto Rico, like a fat kid upon cotton candy. Redacted Tonight’s John F....

Media Owned By Warlords, Gov’t Owned By Big Money, Shock Doctrine

Lee Camp gives us a shortlist of major media networks who hire war profiteers to give us their take on foreign policy. Naomi Karavani...

Oligarchs Have Captured Our Criminal Justice System

Climate activists received a three year prison sentence for shutting down TransCanada's flow for a few hours. Lee Camp discusses this.

Working While Sick? Koch Bros Keep It That Way

Natalie McGill joins Lee Camp to discuss the reaction to paid sick leave laws.

FBI Arrests Iranian Man For Refusing To Spy For Them

Naomi Karavani of Redacted Tonight to discuss the FBI's arrest of an Iranian man who refused to spy for them.

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