Wednesday, December 12, 2018
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The Proof Cell Phones Can Cause Cancer Was Covered Up

Your cell phone can cause cancer. Lee Camp discusses.

Baltimore Fights Water Privatization

No more selling off water! During this past midterm, the people of Baltimore amended the city charter to prohibit selling off their water and...

U.S. Military Using Twitter to Prevent Protests

What is going on with our country? Lee Camp Show discusses.

U.S. Military Wants Nuclear Weapons In Space

Do we need offensive weapons in space? Lee Camp discusses.

Big Banks Claim to Help Environment While Creating Oil Pipelines

Big Banks causing big problems. Lee Camp discusses.

We Have To Eat 90% Less Meat To Survive

No more red meat! Lee Camp discusses.

189 Countries Just Voted Against The U.S.

Whats going on in the world. Lee Camp discusses.

Wall Street Celebrates Brazil’s Fascist Leader

Wall Street likes fascism. Lee Camp discusses.

Forensic Evidence Not Actually Backed By Science!

Forensic techniques that continue to be used to contribute to mass incarceration have never been subjected to rigorous science. John F. O'Donnell gives his...

Here Are The Companies Helping Kill Palestinians

Way too much death and destruction. Lee Camp discusses.

Amazon Making Huge Profits From Trump Immigration Policy

Amazon found a way to make even more money. Naomi Karavani gives her take.

Making Bank Off The Border, Money Laundering “Charities,” Putting The Innocent In Jail

The Lee Camp Show discusses whats going wrong.

Community Policing Could Be The Answer

St. Louis police aggressively use oppressive surveillance to spy on residents 24/7, but thankfully there has been some resistance. John F. O'Donnell joins Lee...

Half Of Americans Making Less Than 30K

We should be making more money than this... Naomi Karavani joins Lee Camp to discuss.

Our Media Is Only Designed To Protect The Elites

Our content is being suppressed by major social media platforms. Lee Camp discusses.

Postal Workers Fighting Against Corporate Destruction

Postal Service is fight for the right thing. Natalie McGill discusses.

75% Of Insects Have Disappeared In The Past Few Years & Why That’s Bad

Everything is dying. A new study shows that the death of insects extends to the United States and implicates its link to climate change....

Sears Intentionally Destroyed To Enrich CEO

After surviving The Great Depression and two World Wars, Sears has gone bankrupt. John F. O'Donnell explains.

A New Way To Stop The Big Banks

Bring the Big Banks down. Lee Camp discusses.

LEAKED: The REAL U.S. Goals In Syria

Whats the U.S. intentions? Naomi Karavani gives her take.

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