Sunday, April 21, 2019
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Govt Will Ban Itself From Offering Free Tax Filing

The government will effectively ban itself from offering free tax filing in another massive victory for the tax filing services lobby. David...

Is Ben Shapiro “Alt-Right?”

Audience Question: Is Ben Shapiro alt-right? David Pakman discusses this.

Caller: Will Assault Rifles Ever Be Banned?

Caller asks if assault rifles will ever be banned in the United States. David Pakman discusses.

75% Of New February Jobs Were In LIBERAL California

Despite constant attacks from the right, California created nearly 75% of the new jobs in February. David Pakman discusses.

GoFundMe Bans Anti-Vaxxer Misinformation Campaigns

Fundraising platform GoFundMe bans anti-vaccine campaigns from its platform. David Pakman discusses.

There Are 2 Justice Systems In The United States

Classic Interview: Christopher Petrella, PhD student in African American studies at UC Berkeley and featured blogger at Nation of Change, joins David to...

Will Florida’s Poll Tax Succeed?

David Pakman caller discusses felon re-enfranchisement in Florida and how Republicans are trying to stifle it.

The Myth Of American “Capitalism”

Denise Hearn, co-author of the book The Myth of Capitalism: Monopolies and the Death of Competition, joins David to discuss capitalism, corporate...

“Adding Some Women” Doesn’t Actually Solve Gender Inequality

Kara Ellerby, Associate Professor of Political Science and Women's Studies at the University of Delaware and author of the book "No Shortcut...

How To Deprogram Extremists

Classic Interview: Claire Conner, author of the book "Wrapped In The Flag," joins David to discuss being raised by extremist parents and how...

Either Or Both? Mininum Wage & Universal Basic Income?

Caller presents the proposals of universal basic income and raising the minimum wage as an either/or. David Pakman discusses.

Vegan Caller Confronts David

Caller has a veganism debate with David Pakman.

How Misdemeanors Trap The Innocent And Hurt The Poor

Alexandra Natapoff, Professor of Law at the University of California - Irvine and author of the book "Punishment Without Crime: How Our...

Where Should The 70% Tax Bracket Start?

When should the 70% top marginal tax rate kick in? David Pakman discusses.

National Popular Vote Is Growing Quickly

The National Popular Vote Interstate Compact continues to grow with the upcoming addition of Colorado. David Pakman discusses.

Taxes Aren’t Illegal. Taxes Aren’t Theft

Taxes are not theft, and taxes are not illegal, and we discuss exactly how to deal with cartoonish right wing and libertarian...

Canada Threatens Suspensions Over Vaccines As Antivax Explodes

The Waterloo region of Ontario, Canada is getting serious about vaccinations, threatening 6,000 suspension notices and requiring proof of vaccination or valid exemption...

The Growing Intellectual Divide Could Destroy America

The growing intellectual divide in the US is not just a cultural curiosity, but a phenomenon with massive potential impact on our...

Republicans SILENT As Election Fraud Leads To New Election

Republicans are silent as massive Republican election fraud in North Carolina has now led to the ordering of a new election in...

Why Being Behind On Car Loans Impacts The Economy

Classic Interview: Carroll Lachnit, Features Editor for car shopping website for, joins David to discuss the danger of cars that are...

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