Thursday, January 17, 2019
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Why Is The US A Get Rich Quick Scheme For Elites?

Caller thinks Republican lawmakers are running a get-rich-quick scheme. David Pakman discusses.

How Badly Is Education Failing?

Caller thinks US primary education is failing. David Pakman gives his take.

Why Are We Still In Afghanistan?

Abdullah Sharif, author of "Return to Kabul, An Afghan American's Odyssey in Afghanistan and Sardar, From Afghanistan's Golden Age to Carnage," joins...

Dems Take Over, IMMEDIATELY Pass Bill to End Shutdown

Within hours of taking over control of the House of Representatives, Democrats pass a bill to end the government shutdown without providing...

Elizabeth Warren & Bernie Sanders AREN’T The Same

A look at the political and ideological differences between 2020 Presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) and potential 2020 candidate Bernie Sanders (I-VT)....

Activism That Will Work REALLY QUICKLY

A discussion of less common activism tactics, including strategic defaulting, class-action suits, mass rallies, stopping non-necessary financial consumption, withholding payments and more...

California Moved Up Their 2020 Primary. Does It Matter?

Audience question: What impact will California moving its primary up 6 months have on the presidential election?

What Ever Happened To That Immigrant Caravan Talk?

Caller wonders why the migrant caravan is not getting as much coverage as it did last month. David Pakman discusses.

Racism & Sexism Exist On The Left, Too. Here’s An Example

Racism and sexism also exist on the left, and David Pakman points out one such example from feminist activist Amy Siskind.

US, Saudi Arabia & Russia Block Climate Change Report

The US, Saudi Arabia, Russia, and Kuwait reject a major climate change report from the IPCC in advance of climate talks in Poland. David...

Climate Conference Erupts In Laughter As US Rep Promotes Coal

A climate conference in Poland erupts in laughter as Donald Trump's representative promotes coal and other fossil fuels during a speech. David Pakman discusses....

The Future Of Human-Robot Relations

Lisa Lacy, reporter for Adweek, where she covers technology and marketing, joins David Pakman to discuss the future of robot-human interaction.

How Organized Religion Has ACTUALLY Been “Defeated”

In the context of decreasing religiosity in the United States, it's becoming increasingly clear that advancements in science, technology, and medicine won't be coming...

Caller Wants More Guns In Bars, Says Gun Free Zones Kill People

Caller believes gun-free zones make mass shootings worse. David Pakman discusses.

Which Policies Would Actually Curb Climate Change?

What policies would actually mitigate the effects of climate change? David Pakman discusses.

Should We Vote For Policies Rather Than Candidates?

Should we vote directly on policies instead of voting for representatives? David Pakman discusses.

It’s Shocking How NOT SHOCKED By Mass Shootings We Are

Caller talks about the ever-increasing frequency of mass shootings in the United States. David Pakman discusses.

American-Born Citizen Sues After Near Deportation To Jamaica

American-born US citizen Peter Sean Brown is suing the government, claiming he was held by ICE at a Miami, Florida detention center. David Pakman...

Trans Woman Beaten In Immigration Custody Before Death

Transgender Honduran immigrant Roxsana Hernandez Rodriguez died while in ICE custody, and an autopsy reveals that she was beaten while in custody before her...

How Pathetic Was Young Voter Turnout?

David Pakman talks about youth voter turnout in the 2018 midterm elections.

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