Sunday, August 18, 2019
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Where Were The Good Guys With Guns?

Analyzing the "good guys with guns" delusion that is often trotted out after mass shootings. David Pakman discusses.

Former Neo-Nazi Explains Radicalization

Frank Meeink, former neo-Nazi, joins David Pakman to discuss radicalization under Donald Trump, white supremacy, and much more.

Republicans Blame Video Games After Mass Shootings

Republicans blame video games and warn about Antifa in the aftermath of the El Paso, Texas mass shooting. David Pakman discusses.

US Military Vets Being DEPORTED by ICE

Military veterans are being deported by ICE under the Trump administration. David Pakman discusses.

The Truth About Depression & Anxiety

Notable discussions from the TDPS subreddit, including about SJW's, Marianne Williamson, and hilariously bad spelling. David Pakman discusses.

Deficit EXPLODES, Republicans Demand Emergency Tax Cut For Rich!

As the deficit explodes, Republicans are demanding an emergency tax cut for the rich through indexing capital gains to inflation. David Pakman...

“Anti-Fascist” Firebombs ICE, Media Barely Covers

A self-identified anti-fascist anarchist is shot and killed after throwing lit objects at vehicles and buildings outside of an immigrant detention center...

The Future Of Cash

Finn Brunton, Associate Professor in Media, Culture, and Communications at New York University, joins David Pakman to discuss the history and origins...

Christian: Vegan “Burgers” Are Satanic Plot To Destroy Souls

Christian televangelist Rick Wiles says that vegan burgers are part of a satanic plot to destroy people's souls and prevent them from...

Police Officer Suggests AOC Be Shot

A Louisiana police officer suggests Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez should be shot, and his chief says it is not a real threat. David Pakman...

What Would Actually Increase Voter Turnout?

Audience Question: What would actually increase voter turnout? David Pakman discusses.

Uh-Oh: Was The $15 Minimum Wage Just DESTROYED?!

New report claims the $15 minimum wage would destroy jobs, but to really understand what's going on, a broader view is necessary....

Is There A “Middle Ground” On Abortion?

Does a "middle ground" on abortion exist? David Pakman discusses.

Cop To Black Guy: You Don’t “Look” Like You Live Here

A police officer tells a young black man, after following him into his own apartment complex, that he doesn't "look" like he...

Pregnant Woman Shot In Stomach, Indicted For Baby’s Death

A pregnant woman is shot in the stomach, leading to the loss of her fetus, and she has been indicted for manslaughter...

Kamala Harris Flips AGAIN On Healthcare After Debate?

Kamala Harris is accused of flip-flopping again on Medicare for All despite the real problem being a poorly phrased debate question. David...

Caller: Wouldn’t TOTAL FREE MARKET Healthcare Solve Everything?

Caller brings up counterpoints to Medicare for All and arguments for private health insurance. David Pakman gives his take.

The Making (And Unmaking) Of A YouTube Radical

Caleb Cain, recently featured in a New York Times article about online radicalization, joins David to discuss his path into and out...

$15 Minimum Wage Is Only A Band-Aid

Caller argues that raising the minimum wage to $15 per hour wouldn't fix the underlying problems in our economy. David Pakman discusses....

The Dangers Of Generic Drugs

Katherine Eban, investigative journalist, Fortune Magazine contributor, and author of "Bottle of Lies: The Inside Story of the Generic Drum Boom," joins...

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