Sunday, March 7, 2021
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Can Economy Survive Climate Change & Automation?

Caller wonders if the economy can survive climate change and automation. David Pakman discusses.

What Does A Gun Control Compromise Look Like?

Audience Question: What would a gun control compromise look like? David Pakman discusses.

Anti-Vaccine Movement Undoing DECADES of Progress

The anti-vaccine movement is undoing decades of medical progress and truly endangering the lives of countless people. David Pakman discusses.

Bernie Has A Toxic Surrogate And She Needs To Go

Bernie Sanders has a toxic surrogate named Linda Sarsour, and she needs to go. David Pakman discusses.

18 Years Without Fast Food

Voicemail caller asks whether David Pakman goes to fast casual restaurants, if not fast food.

Climate Change Forum Goes HORRIBLY WRONG for Joe Biden

CNN's climate change forum goes horribly wrong for Joe Biden. David Pakman discusses.

Why Didn’t You Go To The Straight Pride Parade?

Viewers ask David Pakman why he didn't attend the Straight Pride Parade in Boston over the Labor Day weekend.

Won’t Free Tuition Make College Cost MORE?

Caller suspects free tuition at public universities would cause the cost of college to go up. David Pakman discusses.

Should Oil Be Nationalized?

Caller talks about whether natural resources like oil should be nationalized. David Pakman gives his take.

VIDEO: Voting Machine Switches Votes

Multiple Mississippi voting machines are caught flipping votes. David Pakman discusses.

Automation: Inevitable? Good? Bad?

A themed show on automation, consisting of stories and commentary from The David Pakman Show over the years.

Most Violence Is Right Wing. Period. Stop Lying

Most violence is right wing, and it's important not to be distracted from that undeniable reality. David Pakman discusses.

White Nationalism: Recruitment & Deprogramming

A themed show on white nationalism and white supremacy, consisting of stories and commentary from The David Pakman Show over the years.

Will Gun Control Really Make A Difference?

Caller questions the effectiveness of gun control measures. David Pakman discusses.

Tucker Carlson Calls White Supremacy A “Hoax”

Fox News host Tucker Carlson now claims that white supremacy is a "hoax" and not really a problem in the United States....

Fox News FURIOUS That Americans Believe In Climate Change

Fox News host Pete Hegseth is furious and frustrated that Americans on the left accept the reality of climate science. David Pakman...

Elizabeth Warren’s Tremendous Gun Control Plan

Elizabeth Warren's excellent gun control plan is released. David Pakman discusses this.

Can We Just Pass Background Checks?

Caller wonders if Congress will be able to pass simple gun control measures like universal background checks. David Pakman discusses.

Where Were The Good Guys With Guns?

Analyzing the "good guys with guns" delusion that is often trotted out after mass shootings. David Pakman discusses.

Former Neo-Nazi Explains Radicalization

Frank Meeink, former neo-Nazi, joins David Pakman to discuss radicalization under Donald Trump, white supremacy, and much more.

Communications Workers

Communications Workers

Communications Workers

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