Tuesday, October 4, 2022
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Fox Host: Trump Is “Running out of Friends” – David Pakman Show

In light of Trump's recent attack on Sen. Bob Corker (R-TN) over his height, Fox News host Neil Cavuto warns Donald Trump that he...

You Can See the Moment When Trump Crushes Melania’s Soul

Melania Trump's uncomfortable demeanor during the Presidential Inauguration has been raising eyebrows, causing many to wonder how Donald Trump treats his wife in private.

Why Did Wikileaks Hillary Attacks Fizzle? Did Trump Really Tie Hillary? – David Pakman Show

Bill Scher, Editor at OurFuture.org and Contributing Editor at Politico, joins David to discuss what is moving the polls in the final week of...

Multiple Charities Deny Trump EVER Gave Them Money As Reported by Trump to IRS – David Pakman Show

While Donald Trump boasts about his charitable giving, multiple charities listed claim that he never donated to them.

Man Who Filmed Alton Sterling Killing ARRESTED!

Caller: Man Who Filmed Alton Sterling Killing ARRESTED! On the Bonus Show: Eating only discarded food, some grapes sell for $11k in Japan, cops leave...

Caller: What’s Your Position on Situation in Cyprus?

Caller: What's Your Position on situation in Cyprus?

Should Cigarettes List Ingredients? Question – David Pakman Show

Audience Question: Here in New Zealand the cigarette packaging is covered in health warnings and horrific pictures, but I noticed that there is no...

How to Deal with Right-Wing Family at Thanksgiving? – The David Pakman Show

How do you deal with right-wing family members at Thanksgiving? - The David Pakman Show

Mike Huckabee Insanity: There Will Be No Abortion When I’m President – The David Pakman Show

Mike Huckabee promises no abortions while he is President. - The David Pakman Show

More Mexicans LEAVING The US Than Entering – The David Pakman Show

More Mexicans are leaving the US than entering it. - The David Pakman Show

REPORT: ISIS Determined to Produce Chemical Weapons – The David Pakman Show

A report reveals that ISIS is determined to acquire chemical weapons. - The David Pakman Show

Woman Shoots at Thief in Walmart Parking Lot, Gets in Truck & Drives Off – The David Pakman Show

A Michigan woman shoots at a thief at a Walmart parking lot. - The David Pakman Show

Argentina Election: Cristina Kirchner’s Surrogate Loses! – The David Pakman Show

Mauricio Macri wins in the Argentine presidential election; Cristina Kirchner's surrogate, Daniel Scioli, loses. - The David Pakman Show

VIDEO: Trump Supporters Viciously Beat Black Protester – The David Pakman Show

Trump supporters beat a black protester at a rally. - The David Pakman Show

Donald Trump Calls for “Registering” Muslims Like Animals – The David Pakman Show

Donald Trump calls for a Muslim registry. - The David Pakman Show

Town Hall Meeting Erupts: Chaotic Anti-Muslim Bigotry – The David Pakman Show

A Virginia town hall meeting turns into an anti-Muslim insult-fest. - The David Pakman Show

College Has ‘Safe Space’ from White People Where Whites Aren’t Allowed – The David Pakman Show

Claremont McKenna College creates a "safe space" where students can be free from white people. - The David Pakman Show

The Food Lab & Back to the Future – The David Pakman Show

Noteworthy Amazon items: Back to the Future, The Food Lab: Better Home Cooking Through Science by J Kenji Lopez. - The David Pakman Show

Flashback: Marco Rubio Isn’t a Scientist – The David Pakman Show

Flashback: Florida Republican Senator Marco Rubio says that the Earth may have been created in 7 days, adding that “I’m not a scientist, man."...

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Communications Workers

Communications Workers

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