Sunday, July 22, 2018
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Trump WINNING: BMW Shifting Production From US To China

The fallout from Donald Trump's trade war continues as BMW will shift more production to China. David Pakman discusses.

Mexico Will Cancel $1.36 Billion US Helicopter Order

Mexico's new President-elect Andrés Manuel López Obrador announces that he will be a canceling a $1.36 billion helicopter order from American company Lockheed Martin.

All-Time Heat Records Set All Over The World This Week

All-time heat records are set all over the world during the last 7-10 days in another sign that the growing climate change fiasco is...

Caller Concerned About “Denial Of Service” Protests

Caller explores when it is and isn't okay to deny people service. David Pakman discusses.

SHOCK: Trump Lawyer Michael Cohen Hires Clinton Lawyer

In a stunning turn of events, former Donald Trump personal attorney Michael Cohen has hired attorney Lanny Davis, a longtime friend of Bill and...

Should Supreme Court Seats Be Elected or Appointed?

David Pakman discusses an audience question: Should a seat on a state's Supreme Court be an elected position?

Should Independent Media Be Scared Of Net Neutrality Repeal?

Caller wonders how the gutting of net neutrality will affect independent media. David Pakman discusses.

Cop Charged With Criminal Homicide In Shooting Of Black Teenager

Police officer Michael Rosfeld has been charged with criminal homicide in his on-duty killing of 17-year-old black teenager Antwon Rose, Jr., who was shot...

Harley Davidson Moving Production Out Of US Due To EU Tariffs

American motorcycle manufacturer Harley Davidson announces that it will be moving some production of motorcycles outside of the US due to the retaliatory tariffs...

Your Local News Has Been Taken Over By Child Internment Propaganda

Your local news has been taken over by pro-child internment propaganda as Sinclair Broadcast Group pushes Boris Epshteyn commentaries to their local news affiliates....

Is The Diamond Industry Forever?

Jason Payne, founder and CEO of Ada Diamonds, which works exclusively with lab-grown diamonds, joins David Pakman to discuss the future of the diamond...

Trump Lawyer Cohen “Willing To Give Info” About Trump

Donald Trump's former personal lawyer Michael Cohen appears willing to flip on the president and cooperate with the Robert Mueller investigation. David Pakman discusses....

YEP: Canada’s House Votes To Legalize Marijuana

Canada's House of Commons votes to legalize marijuana, sending the amended bill back to their Senate, with a different trajectory in the United States...

Can YIMBY Movement Solve The Housing Crisis?

Audience Question: How do you feel about the YIMBY housing movement spreading across major cities in the US? David Pakman discusses this.

IMPLOSION: Sarah Huckabee Sanders AND Deputy Press Secy Quitting

The Trump administration's staff implosion continues as CBS News reports that both Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders and Deputy Press Secretary Raj Shah will...

Dystopian RED ALERT: Judge Approves AT&T Time Warner Purchase

A real media dystopia continues to develop as a judge approves the purchase of Time Warner by AT&T just says after the net neutrality...

Have Democrats Forgotten About Winning In The South?

Caller questions whether Democrats have a shot at winning in the South. David Pakman discusses.

Pro-Incest Pro-Pedophile White Supremacist Libertarian Running For Congress

Pro-incest, pro-pedophile white supremacist libertarian Nathan Larson is running for Congress in Virginia's 10th district. David Pakman discusses this.

Trump Financial Protection Chief Fires ENTIRE Advisory Board

Donald Trump's acting director of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Mick Mulvaney fires all 25 advisory board members after a few of them criticize...

Alex Jones Stalks Bernie Sanders At LAX Airport

Notable discussions from the David Pakman Show subreddit, including video of Alex Jones stalking Senator Bernie Sanders at Los Angeles International Airport, with Ari...

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