Thursday, May 24, 2018
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When Scientology Takes Your Kids

Lori Hodgson, former Scientologist of 30 years and author of “A Mother’s Heartbreak: How Scientology Destroyed My Family," joins David to discuss the latest...

Trump Thinks Foreign Drug Prices Are Too LOW?!

Donald Trump now says that part of the reason drug prices are high in the US is that foreign countries have "extorted" drug prices...

How To REALLY Evaluate The Economy

Chris Martenson, economic researcher, futurist, and Co-Founder of, joins David Pakman to discuss how one can evaluate the state of an economy.

White House Can’t Explain How China $500 Million Doesn’t Violate Constitution

White House Deputy Press Secretary Raj Shah, in Sarah Huckabee Sanders' absence, is completely unable to explain how China's $500 million loan for the...

Why Are People Falling For Fake Intellectualism?

Why are people falling for pseudo-intellectualism and fake intellectuals, including Jordan Peterson and many others? David discusses, including ideas from socioeconomics and psychology.

Is Postal Banking A Good Idea?

Is postal banking a good idea? David Pakman discusses this.

Former Convicted Felon Who Sold Guns Illegally Named President of NRA

Former convicted felon Oliver North, who sold guns illegally, has been named the President of the National Rifle Association (NRA). David Pakman gives the...

What’s Happening To Universal Basic Income?

Jason Murphy, anti-poverty activist and Assistant Professor of Philosophy at Elms College in Western Massachusetts, returns to the David Pakman Show to discuss the...

North Korea Says Trump Has Nothing To Do With Denuclearization

Despite Donald Trump and his cronies taking credit for recent developments related to North Korean denuclearization, North Korea states that Donald Trump did not...

What Sketchy But Legal Business Tactics Should You Be Aware Of?

Audience question: What sketchy but legal business tactics should people be aware of? David Pakman discusses this.

How “Climate Skepticism” Is Funded

Classic Interview: Kert Davies, Director of the Climate Investigations Center, a research group that works to expose the anti-environmental movement, joins David to discuss...

Kanye West Appears To Have Lost His Mind, And It’s Sad

--Rapper and hip hop star Kanye West has either lost his mind -- which would be sad -- or is saying deliberately provocative things...

It’s Time for EPA Director Scott Pruitt to Resign

David Pakman discusses corruption from EPA director Scott Pruitt.

NOT SHOCKING: Kim Jong-Un Agrees To Meet Trump At DMZ

In completely not shocking news, North Korean leader Kim Jong-un says he would meet with President Donald Trump at the DMZ. David Pakman discusses...

Megyn Kelly’s NBC Media Implosion

We continue to follow the total implosion that has been Megyn Kelly's journey out of Fox News and into NBC daytime talk television. David...

Sam Seder Rips Apart Jordan Peterson’s Bill Maher Appearance

Notable Reddit discussions from the David Pakman Show subreddit.

$1.2 Trillion Fund Will Punish Companies Ignoring Climate Change

British legal firm Legal and General, which manages a $1.2 trillion fund for investors, will be pulling funds from companies that ignore climate change....

Sean Hannity Has Real Estate Holdings In 20 Shell Companies Tied To Trump Admin

Sean Hannity's real estate holdings start to unravel as a result of his connection to Trump attorney Michael Cohen, including the existence of multiple...

29-Year-Old Ambushes “Sovereign” Waffle House Shooter, Takes Rifle

29-year-old James Shaw ambushes a shooter at a Tennessee Waffle House, claiming he did it to save himself, and the shooter is now on...

Conservatives Attack 1st Amendment To Defend 2nd Amendment

Caller asks about right-wingers trying to silence speech about gun control. David Pakman discusses this.

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