President Biden’s poll numbers can’t get much worse than what a recent CNN poll showed us. The new poll reveals that a majority of voters would prefer ANY Republican candidate over president Biden – and Nikki Haley has the best shot at beating him. Mike Papantonio & Farron Cousins discuss more.


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Mike Papantonio: President Biden’s poll numbers can’t get much worse than what a recent CNN poll, now get me, a CNN poll. It’s not Farron and Pap talking, this is a CNN poll, it’s about the third poll that’s been done, by the way. The new poll reveals that a majority of voters would prefer any, any Republican candidate, that’s exactly the question that was asked, over President Biden. And Nikki Haley has been the best shot at beating him. Nikki.

Farron Cousins: That’s what was so weird to me, like.

Mike Papantonio: Yeah, Nikki Haley. Okay. We just did a story on Nikki Haley. Right. Nikki Haley is a war pimp. She comes into office, a pauper, has nothing, zero. Pull out her pockets, she didn’t have a dime in her pockets. All of a sudden, she’s a multimillionaire. She’s living in a $5 million mansion. She’s got money flowing everywhere. That’s the person that can beat Biden. Scares the hell outta me. Pick it up, would you?

Farron Cousins: Yeah. Haley, right now in this new poll, 49% versus Biden’s 43%, and all of the other Republicans who pretty much all of them do beat Biden, but they’re still within the margin of error.

Mike Papantonio: Three point. Yeah.

Farron Cousins: But Haley blows it outta the water, which again, astounding. But look, 46% of registered voters in this poll said, I would rather have any of these Republicans than that guy. Only 32% for Biden. So 46% to 32. And Democrats are whistling past the graveyard right now thinking like, oh, well this is not a big deal.

Mike Papantonio:: How about we get, I mean, our staff says, you outta see the comments where these diehard dummy Democrats say, yeah, he’s still the guy. We’re gonna stick with him till the plane crashes. You know, I used to fly airplanes. And the the first thing that you have to do is recognize that you’ve lost an engine and you better land the aircraft. This guy right here, he ain’t gonna land the aircraft. And you still got people that can’t give up this crazy, can’t give up on Biden and say, let’s take another move. Let’s find somebody who can maybe run in that election and beat a Republican.

Farron Cousins: Well, and we have time. And that’s the thing that people don’t understand.

Mike Papantonio: Stress that, stress that enough.

Farron Cousins: We have time right now to get another candidate. We can still have a primary, we can have debates. And if Biden emerges at the top at that point, then so be it. But I think given his age, and yes, the age is a huge issue. It’s all over the news the last couple weeks, we owe it. I mean, the party owes it to the public.

Mike Papantonio: Here’s what really scalds me. Okay. 99% of what we do on this station every day, you’re going out with six, seven videos beating the hell out of the GOP and Trump and all the ghouls and creeps that surround it. So we come out with one story where we’re trying to talk common sense to these snowflakes that can’t understand this is not a winner for us. And you gotta do something or a Republican is gonna be in the White House. Watch what happens on this story. You’ll see the same, staff will come in, man, we had five, it’s of course the numbers are staggering the other way. But the point being, what is it that holds people so tied to this guy? I mean, what is it?

Farron Cousins: It’s the team sports mentality. I mean, look.

Mike Papantonio: Like it’s a baseball game, right?

Farron Cousins: Yeah. And look, I’ve had to, because it’s part of my job here. I’ve gone through the policy positions of all these Republicans.

Mike Papantonio: And you do a great job.

Farron Cousins: And listen, I think he’s better than any of these people. But that doesn’t mean that I’m saying, yeah, I’m all in on Biden. I’m all in on having a candidate that is capable of winning, capable of going four years or more, and making sure that we can keep moving in a positive direction.

Mike Papantonio: Farron, we haven’t talked about this, but what did you think about the Vietnam presser?

Farron Cousins:: It was terrifying.

Mike Papantonio: I mean, I was watching it. I remember sending you a note, you gotta watch this. You gotta see the guys falling apart to where they have to interrupt him and get him the hell off of the stage. The crazy thing is about the first, I’d say five minutes, he looked pretty good. I mean, we’ve talked about this before. He starts maybe five or 10 minutes. I’m going, wow, great man. You know, good job, Biden. And all of a sudden, it’s like we’ve talked about that shot that they put in his butt, whatever it is, it starts wearing off.

Farron Cousins: The sun’s setting, is basically what it is.

Mike Papantonio: Yes. Well put. The sun’s setting. I love that.

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