Republicans in Congress are ramping up their threats of impeachment against President Biden for allegedly being involved in crooked business deals with his son, Hunter. And a new analysis says that the Hunter Biden talking points are starting to take a toll on President Biden’s re-election campaign. Mike Papantonio & Farron Cousins discuss more.


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Mike Papantonio: Republicans in Congress are ramping up their threats of impeachment against President Biden for being involved in crooked business deals with his son. And a new analysis says that the Hunter Biden talking points are starting to take a little bit of a toll on Biden’s reelection campaign. I’m not so sure. We talked earlier about a new article came in today. It was equivocal. Does it have an impact? I don’t know that it does by itself. I think it’s a cumulative aspect. I mean, it’s just one other brick in the wall. You add everything together where they’re talking about secret email names that are moving between Hunter and Joe. Talking about dozens of offshore bank accounts that they’re trying to follow. Talking about shell corporations that are being put together, shell accounts. $50 million changing hands. Well, you hear those one-liners and you hear ’em related to this story. And then the first reaction is where there’s smoke, there’s fire. Right.

Farron Cousins: Usually, I mean, we’ve had smoking gun witness after smoking gun witness show up in Congress this year. And every time, okay, well it’s a big fat dud. Well, okay. But the next witness. I mean, it got to the point where Fox News even started calling out the Republicans in the House. Like, listen, y’all have nothing. So listen, I’ve said every time we talk about Hunter Biden, I always like to point this out. I don’t care. If he did something ,great, let’s go ahead and we’ll prosecute, we’ll go through the justice system and let it be handled. If not, wonderful, let’s move on from this. But so far I haven’t seen evidence. And it’s just like, because we talked.

Mike Papantonio: Well, that list I just read, that list is what you’re hearing. And you’re saying this list doesn’t amount to anything, or?

Farron Cousins: We don’t have evidence of it. Those are the talking points right now. And the $50 million, you know, used to be $20 million, it actually started at $2 million. So that number keeps going up. But we still don’t have anything that they tell us every week. Like, we’re gonna have it. We’re gonna have it. And it just never.

Mike Papantonio: Did the shell accounts not bear out? These shell accounts that were put in different names. Did that not bear out?

Farron Cousins: They have not provided any kind of documentation that shows who was associated with what.

Mike Papantonio: And how about the emails, has that developed at all?

Farron Cousins: Not that I’ve seen with the emails so far. In fact, what we’ve heard from the witnesses who’ve come in, even the ones who say, yeah, Hunter Biden was kind of a shady guy, but I’ll tell you, his dad wasn’t involved in any of this. His dad’s just on the phone talking to him about the weather. No idea. But they would say, yeah, Hunter did use his dad’s presence to kind of intimidate people. But Biden himself was not aware that this was happening.

Mike Papantonio: I’m not sure that the Hunter Biden issue alone moves anything. I think it’s just another brick in the wall. It’s with all this other stuff that Biden is under attack about. And I just think, I don’t think there’s any one event that does it. I think it is a cumulative process. And I don’t think you’ll find any polling that says, yeah, people react and say, because of Hunter Biden, who by the way is not, he’s not in government. He’s just a thug. Truthfully, he is a dirt bag thug in every sense of the word, but they’ve never really tied it up to Joe. And you’re saying that there’s nothing that does that right now?

Farron Cousins: Nothing that we’ve, nothing concrete, obviously. I mean, look, you’ve even got Republicans in the Freedom Caucus, which is the far right group that have come out and said, listen, we’re wasting our time if we’re going down this impeachment route. But they’re gonna go down it because they’ve made the commitment. They’ve backed themselves into a corner. So they have to, and if they find something, I’m not gonna be like the Trump people and throw a temper tantrum and start whining on social media or storm the Capitol. If you find something, pursue it.

Mike Papantonio: Exactly.

Farron Cousins: Absolutely. We’re not that tribal.

Mike Papantonio: I wish they would do that with Trump and say, look, you know, buddy enough is enough. I mean, just take a break. We’re gonna run somebody else. Step aside. And that’s what I want to, I already wanna say that about Biden, but he seems intent on wanting to run. But I just think if it becomes too big of a problem, leadership in the Democratic party has got to say, look, Joe, it’s time to step down. We’re gonna put somebody else up there. Who it is, you name it. I don’t have any idea at this point.

Farron Cousins: And I think it kind of speaks volumes to the Democratic party itself, the fact that they’re letting this Hunter Biden narrative go all throughout the media. Whereas you got Clarence Thomas, who is corrupt as hell, and we’re finding out new stories every week. You got Jared Kushner and his $2 billion from Saudi Arabia as the second he leaves office. Obviously Trump’s 91 felony charges. And Hunter Biden’s the headline. Like, you guys have so much to work with and you’re not talking about any of it. Like, what is wrong with the party? Get out there on it.

Mike Papantonio: Yeah. Yeah. Both sides have to at least talk about it. I can tell you that.

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