Attorney General Merrick Garland has appointed a special prosecutor to investigate Hunter Biden – and it’s the same prosecutor that has already been investigating Biden for the past 5 years. Mike Papantonio & Farron Cousins discuss more.


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Mike Papantonio: Attorney General Merrick Garland has appointed a special prosecutor to investigate Hunter Biden and it’s the same prosecutor that’s already been investigating Biden for the last five years. I see this as, you know what, wrong or right, you have armed the Republicans with so much, haven’t you? I mean, why would you do this? Why would Merrick Garland say, okay, I’m going to appoint Weiss who oh, by the way, waited five years to do anything. Let statute of limitations intentionally run on a whole series of decisions. And oh, by the way, worked out a sweetheart deal that in trial we learned wasn’t even real. And you’re gonna say, okay, we’re gonna let that guy do the investigation. Common sense tells you, you have handed the Republicans so much to talk about and this now becomes a major election issue going into 2024. And it shouldn’t be, it should not be. Right?

Farron Cousins: Right. It was a very weird decision by Garland just to begin with. Because Weiss, according to Garland, approached him last Tuesday and says, hey, now I want to be the special prosecutor. Give me these special powers. I’ve hit a dead end and I can only continue if I do this. I’ve been at it for five years, but I’m, I swear I’m like right there closing in. And Garland just says, meh, I don’t even care.

Mike Papantonio: No, it was almost like, you hit it on the head, Farron. It’s almost like, what the hell? Sure.

Farron Cousins: Merrick Garland has been a very absentee attorney general. He doesn’t seem to want to do anything himself. He doesn’t want to make any of these decisions that he’s made. He almost does it begrudgingly. Look, they could have appointed a special prosecutor that wasn’t Weiss a long time ago to look into this. I mean, this again, began under the Trump administration. If y’all thought it was a big deal, put a special prosecutor on it.

Mike Papantonio: What the hell? What do they care if this dirt bag goes to prison for violating the law? Why do you now invite it into daddy’s world in the middle of an election? And that’s what the GOP did. Now Merrick Garland, he would’ve been the same person on the Supreme Court that would not have known what, had no sense of what’s really going on. I don’t think I have this wrong. I don’t think I have it wrong when I say like it or not, they let him go. They let, intentionally let statute of limitations run. They waited five years to do anything. They worked out a sweetheart deal, which was ridiculous by any standard. And now they say, you’re the guy that did all that, and now you’re gonna be the special. I mean, in 30 seconds, you can just obliterate the other side with that. And they just invited it. I don’t know why. It’s almost like they didn’t think. What about the FARA? Have we even gotten to the FARA part of this?

Farron Cousins: No. And that may actually be what Weiss was referring to when he says, I need the additional powers because I can’t reach into these areas of it without them. So that could be, my best guess is that’s where he’s trying to go with it. And if that’s the case, again, totally fine.

Mike Papantonio: I hope, if that’s where he goes, everything I just said is wrong. If that’s where he goes, I apologize for everything I just said, because he would be showing some character, he’d be showing some class and he would save Biden from the onslaught that Biden’s gonna experience because of this crazy mix up that we have going here.

Farron Cousins: But I will say, you know, you brought up the fact Merrick Garland the whole that he was gonna be on the Supreme Court. Now look, we both disagree with what Mitch McConnell did holding that seat, but we both did segments at the time when Obama appointed Garland, or nominated him.

Mike Papantonio: Yeah, nominated him.

Farron Cousins: Talking about how weak this guy was. How pro-corporate this guy was. How anti-environment this guy was.

Mike Papantonio: He, your, I remember your position was he was asleep then. He was letting corporations run over Americans. He was letting corporations run over the environment. You did your own segments on farronbalanced on it. And the truth is, you were right. Now we’re seeing it with the AG, you know, we’re seeing the same thing with the AG. So, I don’t know. I think it’s a bad mistake. I just think all you’re doing is arming the other side. We’ll see.

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