An autistic teenager in the UK was recently violently hauled away by 7 police officers after she made a comment about one of the officers being “A lesbian like Nana.” That comment caused a violent reaction from the officers who wanted to charge the teenager under the UKs anti-homophobia laws. Mike Papantonio & Farron Cousins discuss more.


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Mike Papantonio: An autistic teenager in the UK was recently violently hauled away by seven police officers after she made a comment about one of the officers, she said, you know, are you a lesbian like my nana? That comment caused this crazy violent reaction from these nutcase officers who wanted to charge the teenager under the UK’s anti homophobia laws. When you watch this film, it’s the most disgusting thing I think I’ve ever seen in my life. This is an autistic child with spinal, her spine is injured. She’s sitting in a corner crying, can’t even understand. All I said was that this officer was a lesbian like my grandma. Okay. And in UK you can’t speak words like that. And here’s the ugly part. It’s coming to America.

TikTok @nikitasnow84: She’s autistic. Can you stop staring at her please? She’s got autism. Can you just stand there? She’s in a cupboard. She can’t go anywhere. She can’t go anywhere. Stand there. We’ll have cops come in and remove her anyways. They’re gonna remove her for what? Come off it. She said the word lesbian. Her nana is a lesbian. She’s married to a woman. She’s not on the phone. Look with you clenching your feet. Go away from my teenage daughter.

Farron Cousins: This was truly disgusting. I mean, look, America already has half that story with the police abuse.

Mike Papantonio: Yes. Yes.

Farron Cousins: So we’re just waiting for the other half of it. But this was truly disturbing because you had seven police officers dragging this 16 year old autistic teenager with scoliosis out of the house, threatening her. The mom is upset, crying. The teenager’s crying. And eventually, after all said and done, the UK police said, oh, okay, well actually, it turns out you didn’t really violate the law. Super sorry about all the problems you had.

Mike Papantonio: But the ugly part is they have a law that would permit you to be arrested if you insult somebody for being a homosexual, if you insult them. So free speech is dead. Whether you agree with that or not, I’m not suggesting that’s okay to do. But you don’t have a frigging law where you put people in jail. You don’t have a law where you drag a child like this that is autistic. This is a sad, sad film. And when you watch it as we’re watching it, you can see how crazy this is. Why these officers still have a job, I have no idea. Only because there’s this crazy movement in the UK to make speech impossible. And you know what? It’s coming to the United States, like it or not.

Farron Cousins: Well, and that’s the thing. We disagree with it. We hate it. We don’t want to hear those kinds of things whatsoever. But we also understand that this kind of abuse here happened because of this law that was then misconstrued and misinterpreted to the point where, oh, you said the word lesbian referring to somebody else. Now we’re gonna beat the hell out of you. That’s where this goes. That’s why you can’t police that kind of speech.

Mike Papantonio: I took a look at the crime problem they have. Violence and rape have driven to huge numbers in the UK. I mean, serious, serious crime. And you’ve got, how many officers was it, 6?

Farron Cousins: Seven.

Mike Papantonio: Seven officers. They’re spending dragging this girl away screaming. Oh, by the way, they put her in a prison cell for 20 hours, left her in the cell for 20 hours and at the end said, oh, well, you know, we’re gonna let you go. Misunderstanding. We’re not gonna press charges. This woman needs to sue the hell, needs to sue the hell out of them personally, the officers personally and the department. I hope she wins. God, I hope she wins. Because when this starts taking off, it’s just ubiquitous. It starts happening, well, already Sweden’s dealing with it. Paris, France is dealing with it. Norway’s dealing with it. All these countries that have said, we are going to, we’re gonna be the nanny for you, and we’re gonna tell you what you can and can’t say. This is a great example of how ugly it gets.

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