A proposed bill in the state of Florida would require any blogger who writes about the Florida government to register with the state, which is a clear violation of the First Amendment. And, Donald Trump actually won a legal victory recently, when a court ordered adult film star Stormy Daniels to pay the former President more than $120 thousand dollars after her lawsuit against him was dismissed. Mike Papantonio & Farron Cousins discuss more.


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Mike Papantonio: A proposed bill in the state of Florida would require any blogger who writes about the Florida government to register with the state, which is a clear violation of the First Amendment. But that doesn’t mean anything to this yucklehead right here. This is, why don’t you pick up with Mr. Brodeur, who I don’t know, maybe he never took civics. Maybe he’s never read a book. But he comes up with this idea that if you are a blogger and you criticize the governor, or you criticize the cabinet, or you talk about some bad thing happening in Florida politics, then by golly, you need to, you need to register, and you need to tell the, every time, every time you tell the story, tell them what the, tell ’em about the story you told. This is the craziest. I can’t even say it. It’s this goofball Brodeur really believes that this is possible in America in 2023. Hell, maybe it is. What do you think?

Farron Cousins: Well, anything is possible, unfortunately. And that’s the really terrifying part about this, because two years ago we would look at a story like this, it’s not even gonna make it to the floor for a vote. But now with everything we’ve seen, who knows? I mean, this could be the next big challenge at the Supreme Court. But this legislation that Mr. Brodeur here put forward late last week, basically says, listen, if you’re a blogger, which they don’t even clearly define blogger.

Mike Papantonio: It’s so vague.

Farron Cousins: But it, but it certainly applies to anyone.

Mike Papantonio: Are we bloggers because we do a show?

Farron Cousins: I think technically we would fall under that category because.

Mike Papantonio: Hey, let me, can I announce right now, we’re gonna be your first test case because we’re not gonna do a thing that passes in this legislation. We’re gonna test the case. Go ahead and pass it. Let’s see how you do with it. Go ahead.

Farron Cousins: Yeah. So what you would have to do, you know, what we would be legally required to do is every month on the 10th of the month, we would have to submit a report, each and every one of us listing the title of the story we did, when it was published, where it was published and how much we were paid to write that story or to do that video.

Mike Papantonio: Like somebody pays us, right?

Farron Cousins: Right. Which would include, you know, any YouTube revenue, Facebook revenue. Because what they want to do is try to say that bloggers, and he actually said this in an interview, bloggers are basically lobbyists who lobby with their words.

Mike Papantonio: Okay, so I see this goofy stare on this guy right here. I can see him saying, yeah, this is a good idea.

Farron Cousins: Well, it’s gotten so bad that even Newt Gingrich, you know, Mr. Contract with America came out over the weekend and had to say, listen, this is, this is his word, insane.

Mike Papantonio: Yeah.

Farron Cousins: What these Republicans are doing in the state of Florida has gotten so bad that, you know, the old guard, Newt Gingrich has come out and said, you got, you guys are insane. What is happening here is not normal. You can’t do this.

Mike Papantonio: We expect this from Trump.

Farron Cousins: Yeah.

Mike Papantonio: Okay. It’s nutcrackery, man.

Mike Papantonio: Donald Trump actually won a legal victory recently when a court ordered adult film star Stormy Daniels to pay the former president more than $120,000. If I look at this story, the number is like almost 600,000 when it’s all over, isn’t it?

Farron Cousins: Yeah. Because she had previous judgements where she had to pay because she filed, in my opinion, a very stupid lawsuit.

Mike Papantonio: it Was a terrible. Whoever advised, the lawyer that filed that should, was that Avenatti?

Farron Cousins: Well, I was gonna say he was her lawyer.

Mike Papantonio: He’s in prison. Right. The guy’s in prison, Avenatti.

Farron Cousins: So, yeah. I mean, and plus we know Avenatti stole tons of money from her as well, not to mention all his disabled clients. But anyway, bad advice because she had claimed that a security guard, I guess at Trump Tower kind of, you know, manhandled her a little bit and Trump called her a liar. So she gets the legal advice to say, oh my God, I’m gonna sue you for defamation because you said I’m lying about this particular story.

Mike Papantonio: All this was about with Avenatti was Avenatti, nobody knew who he was. They, you know, he was, where California, that’s kind of, you know, where they might have known him.

Farron Cousins: Yeah. California and New York.

Mike Papantonio: New York. They kind of, oh yeah, I know this guy. He’s always kind of bottom feeding. So this was his big shot. He was gonna build his name with Stormy Daniels. I’m gonna handle this case. Any idiot lawyer would’ve looked at that case and said, it’s dead on arrival. So when Trump’s, when Trump’s lawyers make the argument to the judge, the judge knows the same thing we’re talking about. This is a ridiculously frivolous lawsuit. First of all, she’s a public figure. Second of all, this does not get to where you need to go on a defamation case. And so now she’s been bombarded with $600,000 in money that she’s had to pay back or gonna have to pay back.

Farron Cousins: Yeah. So, you know, all of the money that she ended up getting paid for the hush money payment is a hundred percent gone.

Mike Papantonio: Yeah.

Farron Cousins: So I assume she’s obviously made plenty of other money off of the exposure from this. I don’t know if it rises to the level of what she now owes this buffoon. But to me, this really does all come back to Avenatti.

Mike Papantonio: Oh, it does.

Farron Cousins: He had to have been the only lawyer in the country that would look at this and say, oh, he said you’re lying. Great. Let’s sue him. I’m gonna get to go on MSNBC a hundred times because of this lawsuit. Because that’s what it was.

Mike Papantonio: And the story, this is what really makes me cringe, is the Democrats we’re talking like, this is our Democratic presidential candidate. Remember that?

Farron Cousins: It was gonna be him or Andrew Cuomo.

Mike Papantonio: Him or Cuomo. And so Avenatti we find out, well, yeah, he did all that stuff, but he also stole millions of dollars from his clients. One was paralyzed, you know, paralyzed in a wheelchair, stole their money. Stole money after money from his own clients. And what bothered me is that information was out there at the same time when you had these dopes saying, oh yeah, hell yeah. He’s a Democratic contender.

Farron Cousins: He’s a fighter. Oh, look, we can put him up and against Trump. He’ll win in 2020.

Mike Papantonio: How does that happen, man? Well it happened here, didn’t it? It happened with this numb-nut.

Farron Cousins: And a lot of it, just like Trump was a creation of the media, Avenatti was a creation of the corporate media. How many times did Avenatti get to go on CNN and MSNBC?

Mike Papantonio: Yeah.

Farron Cousins: I mean, it is countless. It dwarfs anything that we’ve every seen.

Mike Papantonio: And not one question from an MSNBC or CNN reporters saying, wait, let’s back up. All this is already existing. We know this history that you have. Not one time did they ask this bottom feeder punk a question about that because it was the sale. We’re gonna sell Avenatti as the answer to Donald Trump. It’s disgusting to me. I mean, it’s almost like, aren’t we always looking for a hero? Isn’t that, I mean, both parties do it. They did it with him. Democrats do, my God, every time that, every time somebody flashes a smile they go crazy. This is the great American hero for the Democrats.

Farron Cousins: Well, that’s, the Democrats will pick anybody that can string a sentence together and say he’s the, it’s the next nominee. You know, it’s been Buttigieg who has just been a disaster in office. It’s been Avenatti. It was Andrew Cuomo.

Mike Papantonio: How about, well, I’ll tell you one thing that’s encouraging. As you know, I practiced law with Bobby Kennedy for a lot of years, and he and I tried cases together. We did television together, we did radio together. But Bobby Kennedy’s been a long, long time friend. He’s gonna run for president. Okay. So there may be, let’s take a look and see what the background is. Let’s see what this guy’s accomplished. It’s remarkable what he’s accomplished. If you’re gonna make a, if you’re gonna make somebody into a hero, take a look at where they come from and what they’ve done.

Farron Cousins: Right. And I will say, you know, look, I mean, I disagree with Bobby on the vaccine stuff, on the medical side of all of that.

Mike Papantonio: Well, I do too. I do too.

Farron Cousins: But obviously his environmental record, that’s impeccable.

Mike Papantonio: Yeah.

Farron Cousins: You can’t, you can’t touch that. So, you know, it’s, the one part for me is insanely disappointing.

Mike Papantonio: Yeah, it is me too. But the point I’m trying to make is do your homework.

Farron Cousins: Yeah.

Mike Papantonio: Don’t have this nut job show up day one and all of a sudden he’s the Republican hero.

Farron Cousins: Right.

Mike Papantonio: Or Avenatti show up day two and he’s the Democratic. This search for a hero is killing us.

Farron Cousins: It is.

Mike Papantonio is an American attorney and television and radio talk show host. He is past president of The National Trial Lawyers, the most prestigious trial lawyer association in America; and is one of the few living attorneys inducted into the Trial Lawyer Hall of Fame. He hosts the international television show "America's Lawyer"; and co-hosts Ring of Fire Radio, a nationally syndicated weekly radio program, with Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. and Sam Seder.