One of the most outrageous pieces of information from the recent indictment of Donald Trump is that a former doorman at Trump Tower claims to have evidence that the former president fathered a child with a housekeeper – and the entire country is now wondering if this mysterious love child actually exists. Mike Papantonio & Farron Cousins discuss more.


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Mike Papantonio: One of the most outrageous pieces of information from the recent indictment of Donald Trump is that a former doorman at Trump Tower claims to have evidence that the former president fathered a child with a housekeeper. And the entire country is wondering, what the hell, is this true? You always begin anything with Trump, you say, well of course it’s true, you know, of course it’s true. The thing I found weird about this story is when they confronted the woman that she was supposed to, he was supposed to have a child with, she said, no, I don’t remember anything like that. I don’t have a child. And it went through my mind, if you have this orange orangutang on top of you having sex, that’s something you probably remember. Pick it up from there.

Farron Cousins: Yeah. I don’t think that’s an image any woman’s gonna get out of her head.

Mike Papantonio: I can’t even get that image outta my head right now.

Farron Cousins: But yeah, this was, you know, when the indictments were read, okay, we expect the Stormy Daniels, the Karen McDougal stuff, we get it. But then wait whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. You kind of glossed over this whole possible Trump love child out there in New York City. A kid that looks like Trump.

Mike Papantonio: That he paid money to make go away. He paid $30,000 to kill the story. Right?

Farron Cousins: Yeah. Which is, you know, I gotta be honest, that doorman really sold low because Stormy Daniels got 130, McDougal got 150, he only gets 30. But he did pass a polygraph with National Enquirer, so.

Mike Papantonio: But there is that issue. The woman he said was supposed to have had a child with said, hell, I don’t remember it. That ain’t something you forget. Okay.

Farron Cousins: Well, and that’s the thing too, is look, all the National Enquirer had to do when they were vetting this story, instead of making it a possible criminal activity is they could have said, okay. Well, we’re gonna go talk to the woman and be like, excuse me ma’am, do you have a kid? Well, no, I don’t. Do you mind if we look at your hospital records to make sure you haven’t given birth? Yeah, sure. That would’ve been the end of it if she didn’t have a kid.

Mike Papantonio: Right, right.

Farron Cousins: And if there was a kid running around, we’ve seen his other kids. You can tell a Trumper.

Mike Papantonio: Well, you remember the Pecker guy? What’s his name?

Farron Cousins: Yeah, David Pecker.

Mike Papantonio: David Pecker. Okay. What an appropriate name. So David Pecker was in charge of the National Enquire. And so there is that question. Okay, did Pecker, was he involved with it? Because he went to prison for another coverup for Donald Trump’s. So you just gotta wonder. It’s an interesting part of the story, I guess.

Farron Cousins: It’s not outta the realm of possibility. But.

Mike Papantonio: No, it certainly isn’t. But again, I gotta come back and say, mm, that’s something you’d probably remember lady. Right. Farron Cousins, that’s all for tonight, thank you. Appreciate it.

Farron Cousins: Thank you.

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