Congressman George Santos is in even more trouble after reports surfaced about an alleged incident where he may have stolen puppies from an Amish dog breeder. Mike Papantonio & Farron Cousins discuss more.


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Mike Papantonio: Congressman George Santos is in even more trouble after reports surfaced about him, him stealing puppies from an Amish dog breeder. Okay. Why don’t you pick this up. Gimme a second. Okay.

Farron Cousins: Um, look, this is, if you hired the best Hollywood screenwriter out there to script the George Santos story and only included things he’s done, you would look at story, you’d be like, no, no. Okay. This is too over the top. A real human doesn’t do this, especially not a member of Congress. But nope, we find out, was it 2017, I guess, George Santos goes to this Amish dog breeder, writes a check for $15,000, gets all these puppies. The check doesn’t clear, you know, there’s, because there’s no money in the account. And Santos reached out to a lawyer friend of his said, hey, listen, uh, my checks were stolen. I need you to go argue this because I’m being charged with theft of these puppies that I don’t, maybe he’s gonna make a coat out of ’em. Who knows, because he’s that dastardly. And she, you know, this lawyer friend goes to bat, gets it dismissed, gets it expunged. So we can’t even see the details. And now the lawyer friend has come out and said, no, the guy should be in prison. I probably shouldn’t have done that

Mike Papantonio: I mean, you know, she just got hustled. I mean, she’s just doing her job. She, you know, a friend says I got this problem. Can you help me? She does, she does a good job for him. Has the records expunged. Now she says, I should have never gotten involved. He should, he should have went to jail. That’s what she says. And I wish nothing but bad things happen for him. Okay. Now, part of this story here, I love this part too, the eviction story. Okay. So, so, okay. He’s being evicted and he’s supposed to have written a check to avoid the eviction. So he’s in court and they’re, you know, of course the land, landlord shows up and says, he should be evicted. He wrote me a bad check. Tells the judge, look, when I, when I was on my way, I was mugged and they stole my shoes. He’s, his shoes, he was robbed on, he was robbed on Fifth Avenue, and his shoes were stolen. And oh, by the way, never did have an explanation about the, about the check. The check bounced. And I guess he was ultimately evicted. Huh?

Farron Cousins: And he also, that wasn’t the only time he claimed to have been robbed, you know, in order to not pay bills. And it happened another time as well. So anytime this man got in trouble, he would just go tell authorities, ah, I got robbed.

Mike Papantonio: Yeah.

Farron Cousins: You know, oh, I didn’t write the bad check for the puppies. Somebody stole my, my checkbook. And here’s the thing. This was in, like I said, was it I think 2017, nobody in 2017, especially at his age, is walking around with a checkbook.

Mike Papantonio: Yeah.

Farron Cousins: I’ll tell you that right now.

Mike Papantonio: Yeah. Yeah.

Farron Cousins: Secondly, if it were stolen, he would’ve immediately been on the phone with his bank, would’ve resolved it in five minutes, and all those checks would’ve been canceled. There is no record of that and that is what the court should have looked at when the lawyer went in there and said, well, okay, wait a minute. Let’s check the bank account and see where he reported it.

Mike Papantonio: Okay. You tell me, you’re a Republican. I don’t care how die hard you are. What are you gonna do with this guy? You, you’re, if you have half a brain, you’re gonna get rid of him. He’s like a stink bomb went off in your party. But they don’t have enough sense to say, you know what, this might hurt us, but we can’t allow this to happen. I mean, the truth is, it, you don’t run away from this. The, the fact we’re doing this show right now, we’re doing this segment again on this nut case. Okay. This just, this is just, it just keeps giving and it keeps hurting the GOP and they don’t have enough sense to cut him loose.

Farron Cousins: Well, it’s like if you, if you have a cancerous tumor and you understand, listen, this tumor is gonna get worse and it’s going to impact my health in a horrible way, no question asked. That’s who he is.

Mike Papantonio: Yeah.

Farron Cousins: But the surgery’s gonna be painful.

Mike Papantonio: Right.

Farron Cousins: And it’s gonna take time outta my day. I just don’t know that I want to excise the tumor right now because I’m so busy, that’s what the Republicans are doing. So he’s just growing larger creating. I mean, there is a new story about this man every other day. I mean, he is the Forest Gump of crime at this point, just going across the world with all these unimaginable schemes that are just taking over.

Mike Papantonio: Well, I mean, quick review. Okay. He claims he was Jewish. He’s not Jewish. He claims, I mean, I.

Farron Cousins: The grandparents died in the Holocaust.

Mike Papantonio: Yes.

Farron Cousins: No, they didn’t. Mother died in 9/11. No, she didn’t, hadn’t been in the US for four years at that point.

Mike Papantonio: The stories just keep, just keep going on and the GOP just says, eh, maybe it’ll go away. This one ain’t gonna go away. Thanks for joining me, Farron. Okay.

Farron Cousins: Thank you.

Mike Papantonio: That’s all for this week. But all of these segments are gonna be available this coming week right here on this channel and you can follow us on Twitter @AmericasLawyer. I’m Mike Papantonio and this has been America’s Lawyer, where we tell you stories that corporate media won’t talk about because their advertisers don’t let ’em or their political connections are just so deep-rooted that those politics don’t allow them to tell the story. That’s not a problem for us, as you can see. We’ll see you next time.

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