On episode 75 of Cut to the Chase:, Mike Papantonio Senior Partner at the powerful Levin Papantonio Rafferty law firm in Pensacola, Florida discusses the latest development in the world of mass torts-cow based milk formula for premature babies. The formula is causing life threatening gastronintestinal disorders of the worst kind and he is leading the charge to rectify this global problem. Mike has been a crusader in the world of mass torts for many decades now. Hall of Fame in every regard, he has shut down more dangerous corporations than pretty much anyone in his space.

He has also obtained compensation in the billions for 10s of 1000s of ordinary folk. If you want to check out his impressive bio, click here. If you are attorney looking to get involved in this campaign, call Pap (as we lovingly call him). Even with limited experience, Mike always welcomes new lawyers young and old to our world of mass torters. He hosts the BEST conference for lawyers two times a year in Vegas called Mass Torts Made Perfect where he teaches, collaborates with all of us, and shares his never ending passion.