According to Republican Senator Lindsey Graham, Donald Trump’s power over the Republican Party is still so strong that he could destroy the entire Party… if he wanted to. Graham’s comments are absolutely ridiculous. While it may be true that Trump still has power over the GOP, the only power he has is that which they continue to ALLOW him to have. It is a self-fulfilling prophecy, as Ring of Fire’s Farron Cousins explains.


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During a recent interview with Axios, Republican Senator Lindsey Graham openly and freely admitted that Donald Trump does in fact have the power to destroy the Republican party. Now, my immediate thought is, okay, if you have the power, use it, use it, you know, do, do something good with this evil power you have and no, he hasn’t done it yet. But here’s what Lindsey Graham said. He could make the Republican party something that nobody else I know can make it. He can make it bigger. He can make it stronger. He can make it more diverse and he also could destroy it. Trump can’t do any of these things, by the way, just in case anybody’s wondering, does Trump have these magical mythical powers that Lindsey Graham thinks he has? No. Trump cannot make anything more diverse. He can make it more disgusting. He can make it more corrupt. He can make it more incompetent. But he’s not going to make it bigger.

In fact, Lindsey, you moron, I don’t know if you noticed this, but your party is kind of suffering from a mass exodus right now. Tens of thousands of voters every month leaving the Republican party because of your support for this man and here you are saying, I think he’s going to make the party bigger. He’s literally making it smaller, which is a good thing. So I guess in that way, he has the power to destroy the Republican party. Sure. But just not in the way you think he does. Lindsey Graham thinks that Donald Trump has the power to destroy the party because he’s so powerful and if they don’t go with what he says, he’ll start a new party and the Republican party is dead. That not happening. That’s not what’s going on. Donald Trump, as I have repeatedly said, and apparently I’m going to have to keep talking about this as long as the man exists, Donald Trump only has as much power as the Republicans pretend he has.

You know, that’s like saying George W. Bush has the power to destroy the Republican party. If every Republican believed it, then I guess it would be true. These are to put it as simply as possible, self-fulfilling prophecies. Donald Trump is going to destroy the Republican party. Well, if you think he can, then I guess he can, because you are the Republican party. And if you say you’re willing to let him destroy you, then, then I guess he can destroy you. But that’s, what’s driving me insane about this. Republicans keep giving him power and then saying, oh, he’s got all the power. You gave it to him you numbskulls. What do you think was going to happen? Donald Trump is not an all-powerful omniscient being. Donald Trump does not have all the power in the world. Donald Trump does not have the ability to turn the Republican party into some kind of behemoth. The last five years have shown that. All he has the power to do is expose the Republican party for what it really is and that is this disgusting, vile creature that most of America continues to reject. That’s the only power that Donald Trump has.

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