Via America’s Lawyer: Biden announces the U.S. will have secured 600 million COVID vaccine doses by summer, enough to vaccinate the entire adult population. Mike Papantonio & Farron Cousins discuss more.


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Mike Papantonio:             And finally tonight, some good news. President Biden has announced that the US has secured hundreds of millions of doses of the COVID vaccine. I have Farron Cousins back to talk about it. What great news. This is a guy who said, this is what I’m going to do. We’ve talked about it already. He said, I’m going to do something about fossil fuel. I’m going to do something about climate change. He does it. I’m going to do something about Saudi Arabia. He cuts off the arms sales to Saudi Arabia. This is another story. I’m going to take care of it in my first hundred days, I’m going to produce a hundred million new vaccines. I love this story. There’s problems here, but I love this story.

Farron Cousins:                  It is. Look, the one thing Americans want right now, more than anything else, is let us get back to normal. Let us be able to go on vacation. Let us be able to get out of the house a little bit and this is what this does. This is promising people, listen, I know you want to be normal again and as, as silly as that sounds, that really is what this is all about. Let’s get you back to normal. Let’s get everybody back to work. Let’s reopen everything. Let’s, you know, he hasn’t said this, but let’s also investigate the governors who are covering stuff up.

Mike Papantonio:             Yeah, yeah.

Farron Cousins:                  That needs to happen and he needs to get on top of that. But this is a great first step and I think it’s made a lot of people breathe easier who’ve tried to get a vaccine and haven’t been able to.

Mike Papantonio:             Okay. Farron, he’s getting major pressure to do away with this love affair of China. I mean, he’s coming out and that’s the big criticism. What’s the deal? It was like, it was like Trump with Russia. This is Biden with China. And truth is, if you go back and you take a look at it, we have to be honest about what happened here. They dropped a thermo nuclear epidemic on us and we, you can’t just, you can’t just say, okay, it didn’t happen. Biden has got to get really aggressive on this. He’s got to overlook the trade issues that we have them. We have to get to the point where we’re objectively looking at what China is doing in our medical, in our, in the medical arena right now, where they control most of the pharmaceuticals now in the United States. Thank you for joining me, Farron.

Farron Cousins:                  Thank you.

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