Republican Senator Josh Hawley isn’t happy about being hit with an ethics complaint by Senate Democrats, so he has turned around and filed an ethics complaint against Democrats for filing an ethics complaint against him. This idiotic tactic only makes Hawley look like a whiny child, and could end up coming back to hurt him as the complaints move forward. Ring of Fire’s Farron Cousins discusses this.


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Republican Senator Josh Hawley is not happy about the fact that Democrats have slapped an ethics complaint against him with the ethics committee and so he, with his hurt little feelings, decided to file an ethics complaint of his own against seven of the Democrats who filed an ethics complaint against him and Ted Cruz. Those Democrats are Senators Sheldon Whitehouse, Tim Kaine, Ron Wyden, Tina Smith, Richard Blumenthal, Mazie Hirono and Sherrod Brown. And he accused them of filing a quote, unprecedentedly frivolous and improper ethics complaint. And he is demanding that the Senate ethics committee meet out discipline in response. He wants Democrats disciplined because they wanted him disciplined for the role he may have played in helping to incite the insurrection by validating Donald Trump’s bogus claims of election theft. This is school yard crap, folks. I’m telling on you. Well I’m telling on you for telling on me. Look, I 100% wholeheartedly support the ethic, ethics complaint that the Democrats filed.

I believe they’re right to do it. But as I mentioned last week, when they filed this thing, you’re going to run into problems if you do not file the complaint against every Senator that voted not to certify the electoral college results. Hawley’s got an argument folks, thats what sucks the most about this. He has a legitimate argument in saying that he was unfairly targeted by these Democrats, he and Ted Cruz, both. Why? Because they did only target those two because they believed those two to be the biggest threats in 2024. We all know that Hawley and Cruz have 2024 presidential aspirations and that’s why they went after them. As far as I know, there’s no ethics complaint against Tommy Tuberville from Alabama who voted along with Cruz and Hawley to not certify Arizona and Pennsylvania. Where, where’s his ethics complaint? Where’s the ethics complaint against the other Republicans who voted with them as well?

You can’t pick and choose, you really, really can’t. They were all amplifying Trump’s lies as well. You can’t just say these individuals did it. These guys did it too, but we’re not worried about them because, you know, pssh. The Democrats dug themselves into this hole and that is unfortunate because they had legitimate grievances. They have a legitimate complaint, but by not extending that complaint to every single person involved, they’ve de-legitimized their own complaints and legitimized Hawley’s complaint against them. This isn’t a good situation. I imagine at this point, probably nothing’s going to come of Hawley’s ethics complaint. But him being singled out, along with Cruz, by these Democrats, that absolutely is going to be something that he uses as campaign fodder against them in the future. That was a big mistake. Democrats didn’t have to make the mistake, but by God they made it anyway.

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