Melania Trump has made no secrets about the fact that she doesn’t love her job as First Lady, and the American public said that they feel the same way in a recent poll. Melania is now set to leave office as the least popular First Lady since polling on the subject began, as most Americans view her unfavorably, something that has not happened to any other First Lady upon leaving office. Ring of Fire’s Farron Cousins discusses this.


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Not only is today Donald Trump’s last day, last full day in the white house, but it is also Melania Trump’s last full day in the white house. And as a bit of a parting gift, CNN did one more poll of the first ladies approval rating and it turns out she will be leaving office as the least popular first lady in the history of polling on first lady popularity. Now that is quite an amazing feat. Here’s the thing, her unfavorable number right now is 47% of the country views her unfavorably, 43% approve of her. So 43% is her approval rating. She can’t even break half. Hillary Clinton at one point during her tenure as first lady did hit that low, but that was very close to the beginning of the Clinton administration. That’s when the whitewater scandal happened, her approval rating dropped down to 43% immediately following that scandal, it went right back up.

So she did not leave office with a historically low favorability. Hers was once again back over 50% as was Laura Bush with George W. Bush. As was Barbara Bush. As was Nancy Reagan. As was Betty Ford. All of them, all of them left office with most of the public saying, I really liked her, but not Melania Trump. More people in this country dislike her than like her. And it’s no secret as to why, you know, when you look back at some of these other first ladies, especially all the ones we have had, basically since the nineties, they’ve really had a cause. And I know you’re going to say, well, Melania has be best. No, no, no. She created a thing and they did nothing with it. And wouldn’t even call out the biggest bully in the country because she slept next to him every night. I’m assuming, maybe they had separate bedrooms, who knows. But you see what I’m saying?

Like you can’t start an anti-bullying crusade and then let your husband bully every single person on the planet and then say, well, that’s just him being him. No, that’s not how it happens. Let’s also not forget the audio that came out just a few months ago of her, you know, being mad that the media was attacking them for the kids in cages, you know, with the Christmas decorations that she hated. Because who gives a, you know, yeah, not surprised people don’t like you because you clearly don’t like them either. So it’s reciprocal and Melania Trump will not have all the Goodwill that the former first ladies have, you know, they will not, she will not be the one redeeming factor of that individual. You know, that’s of what Laura Bush was for George W., you know, people hated him, but she wasn’t all that bad.

She wasn’t intrinsically evil or stupid the way he was. A lot of people unhappy with Obama’s foreign policy. But then again, you got Michelle, she was still a good woman, you know, very good first lady with her initiatives. Same thing with Laura Bush with education, Hillary Clinton, back when she was actually first lady, you know, pushing for universal health care back then, if only she was still doing that today, those were, were women who had goals, who had agendas, who wanted to make a change and a difference in the world for the better. Melania just needed a hobby so that she could stay busy until it was time to leave the white house. And she hated every second of being there. So it’s only fitting that she leaves that white house as the least popular first lady in the history of polling on the popularity of the first lady.

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