Mary Trump, the niece of the outgoing President, penned an op-ed recently warning that her vengeful uncle will absolutely give us the worst version of himself during his final two months in office, and that he is likely to start “breaking stuff” just to get back at the country. This is exactly what we had been warning people about, too, and there is little that can be done to stop the manchild’s rampage until inauguration day. Ring of Fire’s Farron Cousins discusses this.


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Number seven three, two, one, Mary Trump, the niece of Donald Trump, who recently wrote the book too much and never enough, uh, wrote an op-ed this past weekend for the observer, where she said that as Donald Trump’s days, dwindle in the white house, he is going to become more desperate and he could begin as she put it up breaking stuff in his final days in office. Now don’t worry. She doesn’t necessarily mean that he’s going to go around and he’s going to smash chairs and break windows and, you know, steal letters off the computer keyboards. Uh, instead he’s going to continue to break the country as she points out. This dude is still in charge of the, uh, COVID-19 response, right? He’s still running the pandemic for two and a half months. People that’s a long time. A lot of people can die in that time. And we’re already seeing things get so much worse right now.

Now. So him being in charge of that, being very angry and vengeful with the American public, that’s not a good thing. Uh, she continues here. She says, this is what Donald’s going to do. He’s not going to concede. Although who cares, uh, what’s worse is he’s not going to engage in the normal activities that guarantee a peaceful transition. Uh, all he’s got now is breaking stuff, and he’s going to do that with a vengeance. I’ve always known how cruel he can be. Uh, she’s worried he’s going to go as far as de-legitimizing the new administration passing pardons that will quote, demoralize us and signing a flurry of executive orders. By the way, these are all things that we have already warned. You would likely happen. If Trump lost the election, you know, there were basically two routes the dudes could do to go. He could either kind of go crazy and say, you know what?

I’m going to just give out all the government secrets because the hell with all of you to hell with the deep state. So here’s all the Kennedy files. Here’s all the area, 51 files. If you want to go take a tour of the facility, go do it. I don’t care. Um, or he could take his revenge out on the American public. And according to Mary Trump, that’s the most likely path at this point because he is furious. He’s furious with us. You know, we’re ones who didn’t vote for him were the ones who voted for the other guy. We’re the reason he lost his job. And we’re the ones who are going to be punished for it. The good news, any executive order signed by a president can be undone by an executive orders signed by a subsequent president. No, the Biden team. I am hoping they’re having somebody whose only job it is, is to pay attention to everything that Donald Trump does from this point forward. Write it all down, go ahead and draft up the executive orders for president Joe Biden to sign the minute he becomes president of the United States undo all of this damage that can be undone. The pardons unfortunately can not be.

So if he issues A blanket, pardon, um, to his kids, uh, you know, to anybody else in his administration, cause a lot of them were also facing investigations. Uh, you know, that that can’t be undone. So that kind of sucks. But The only Thing that can’t be undone well, in addition to the pardons, I guess, uh, the thing that’s going to hurt the most is, is the COVID-19 response. People are going to die because of that. Like people will die because of this. That’s what we’re dealing with. That’s what we’re looking at. That is the reality that we are headed towards. And honestly, sadly, I don’t think there’s anything we can do to stop it. All we can do is hope for the best and hope that when Joe Biden takes over, he has a real COVID-19 response plan in place. You know, we got positive news Monday morning, you know, Pfizer, 90% success rate with their COVID-19 vaccine. Great. Keep testing. It’s not ready. It’s not there. And in the meantime, let’s hope we get a president coming into office that knows how to keep us safe until that vaccine is ready. Trump’s not going to do it. Trump’s going to encourage it to get worse in these next two months. So you have to be smarter than the president. I know that’s easy, but you have to act on it as well.

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