According to reports, several “moderate” Democrats in the House of Representatives are furious with Nancy Pelosi’s performance and want to back a different candidate to be the next Speaker of the House. They are citing the lackluster performance of Democrats across the board on Tuesday as their main reasoning, and they aren’t wrong about that at all. As the highest ranking Democrat, Pelosi was essentially in charge of the Party, and she failed. Ring of Fire’s Farron Cousins discusses this.


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According to a report this week by the Hill, moderate centrist Democrats in the house of representatives who spoke on the condition of anonymity, uh, are fed up with Nancy Pelosi and they blame Nancy Pelosi’s for the shellacking that Democrats took on Tuesday. Now I know what your immediate thing, you hold up, Farron. Didn’t the Democrats just win back the white house and they kicked Donald Trump out and they picked up a seat or two in the Senate and they closed that gap. They didn’t take the Senate back, but they closed the gap. They retained the house. How can you call that a shellacking? Well, the reason is because it was a shellacking, the Democrats didn’t make any real, tangible gains in the house of representatives whatsoever. In fact, they actually lost seats. Uh, you had a representative, Collin Peterson, 15 term veteran chairman of the house agriculture committee last Kendra horn from Oklahoma city.

She was a first termer, but she was a moderate. She lost a representative, small lost Democrats, lost seats in the house. Democrats didn’t win the easy battles in the Senate. Susan Collins, still going to be a Senator relatively hated in her state. In fact, at a time in the past year, she actually had the lowest approval rating of any member of the Senate. And she won Donald Trump made gains. Sure he didn’t win, but he made gains with every single demographic. With the exception of white men, white women increase black men, black women increase Latinos increase. He increased people, looked at the last four years and more than last time said, you know what? I think I want some more of that. Give me another hit of that, Trump. Ooh, that’s good. And who was leading the democratic party at the time? I’m sorry, but that does fall on the Nancy Pelosi folks.

Nancy Pelosi was the highest ranking Democrat in this country while Donald Trump was president Chuck Schumer, you could, Oh, well what do it now? Chuck Schumer is an idiot. Chuck Schumer’s even worse than Pelosi, but Pelosi was the face. She was the face of the democratic party and the democratic party beyond the white house did not do very well on Tuesday. And it does come back to her just like when she was speaker of the house during the Obama administration, the democratic party wasn’t doing too well, losing States, losing state legislatures, governor ships, seats in the house, seats in the Senate, losing, losing, losing, losing Nancy Pelosi. Guys. The pattern is clear and that’s what shockingly Centrus Democrats are telling us in the house. And if even they can see it, then it’s nuts that everybody else doesn’t see it either. Now, I don’t imagine that these centrist Democrats want to put somebody to replace her.

Who’s going to actually be a fundamental instrument of change. You know, they’re not going to go out there and say, Hey, you know what? Let’s have a Rashida it’s labor go up there and, and be speaker the house. Now that’d be kick . I would love that, but they’re not going to do that. They’re not going to say, Hey, Ted Lou, come on up here and be speaker buddy. Hey RO Khanna what are you doing? Come on, man. No, it’s going to be another establishment. Hell. It could be somebody even worse than Pelosi. What if we get Adam Schiff up there?

But the point is there are fractures in the democratic party and those fractures are a good thing because they’re over real substantive issues. Even if they’re coming from the centrists who I don’t agree with, even they see that what’s happening with the party is not sustainable. They see that the party is not making the gains that they’re supposed to be making. You can’t run against some of the most unpopular people ever to have existed in politics and lose, and then still expect to maintain your position of power. Because at the end of the day, again, Pelosi was the highest ranking Democrat in the country. She, it was in charge whether she wanted to be in charge of the whole party or not. And she failed and failure should never be rewarded.

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