RNC Chair Ronna Romney McDaniel tweeted this weekend that Joe Biden has some explaining to do with regards to his actions on the coronavirus pandemic. The only problem is that Biden is NOT the president, and he wasn’t in charge of any aspect of this pandemic. There is nothing that can be blamed on Biden or the Democrats for this one, as Ring of Fire’s Farron Cousins explains.


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Joe Biden has a hell of a lot of explaining to do about his horrid record and responding to the coronavirus pandemic. I mean, after all the guy was neither president nor vice president or a member of a cabinet or any in any kind of position to do anything about it. But dang it. Republicans are furious at Joe Biden for not doing anything this year to help deal with the coronavirus pandemic on Sunday. Uh, RNC, chairwoman, Ronna Romney, McDaniel, uh, tweeted out a clip from George Stephanopoulos on ABC, where Stephanopoulos actually asked Simone Sanders a surrogate for the Biden campaign. Why Biden hadn’t done anything. Um, real dumb question, by the way, coming from George Stephanopoulos, who’s usually pretty good been doing this for decades. You would expect more from him, but he asked the stupid question and this gave clearance to Ronald McDaniel to tweet out the following with the clip.

And as she said, Joe Biden, can’t refer him as disastrous record responding to the Corona virus. The truth hurts Joe. Oh, the truth does hurt Ronna. Um, and you got thoroughly roasted by the way, on Twitter. As a result of you posting this idiot like statement Joe Biden, wasn’t president Joe Biden had nothing to do with any of the response Joe Biden. Wasn’t in charge of PPE, Joe Biden. Isn’t a doctor, Joe Biden doesn’t own a hospital chain. Don’t Joe Biden. Isn’t the CEO of a pharmaceutical company looking for a vaccine. Joe Biden had nothing to do with a single thing that we have seen so far this year with regard to the Corona virus, not one, not one single thing was Joe Biden actually in charge of. And luckily, most folks on Twitter were very quick to go ahead and point that out to Rhonda, but it hasn’t stopped.

Folks. You have conservatives out there who are legitimately saying yes, Joe Biden has to answer for all of this answer for what? And if you ask them that, they say, well, the Obama administration left Trump empty handed with, you know, how to deal with the pandemic because that’s their other talking point. The truth is no, they didn’t actually, they had the pandemic playbook. They have the funding set aside to deal with a pandemic. Trump came along, didn’t follow the handbook for this particular pandemic. And he slashed the funding in order to be able to respond to a pandemic. So no matter which way you slice it here, this is all on Donald Trump. And none of it is on Joe Biden. Now maybe we, Joe Biden said some things that weren’t quite accurate in the early days of the pandemic. Well guess what all of us did.

I know I did set a lot of things back then that I really wish I hadn’t things that I regret things that I have by the way, also apologized for and corrected since then as has Joe Biden as have millions of others, because we simply didn’t know the time we know now there is no excuse. Now there is no hiding. Now there is no covering up. Now we all know how deadly and dangerous this is. And that includes Donald Trump. What matters is how you present it to the public. Trump is still out there trying to lie to us saying that, no, this isn’t a big deal. Things are going to be great. Don’t worry about anything. Meanwhile, Joe Biden, isn’t running a single ad right now that doesn’t show him prominently wearing a face mask in multiple different situations, trying to convey to the public. This is what you’re supposed to be doing. That’s a good message. That’s a smart message will resonate with the voters who knows. But one thing we do know is that all of the nonsense happening in this country right now, all of the deaths that we have seen so far this year, all of the bungled responses and the mismanagement and the stealing of PPE from one hospital to send it to another by Jared Kushner, shadow taskforce, not a single bed of that is Joe Biden’s fault.

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