Devin Nunes has lost yet another lawsuit this week, this time by having a Trump-appointed judge toss out the case on its merits, meaning the whole thing was viewed by the legal system as a farce. The lawsuit from Nunes claimed that a reporter had slandered him, but the article specifically said that Nunes was NOT involved in any of the activities listed in the article, and the judge had enough sense to listen. Ring of Fire’s Farron Cousins explains what happened.


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Devin Nunes suffered a, another legal setback this week when yet another judge dismissed yet a, another lawsuit that Devin Nunes had filed because Devin Nunes has the thinnest skin of anybody who’s ever served in the United States. Congress. Now this particular lawsuit was against a Hearst media group and a journalist Ryan Lizza about two years ago. I think it was a Lizza published on Hearst media, uh, an article about a Nunes family farm that moved from Canada fornia to Iowa, and according to a reports, according to people that Ryan Lizza interviewed. And, uh, the person who wrote the article with him, the Nunes family farm had been hiring undocumented workers. Now here’s the kicker. They made it very clear in this article that they wrote that Neustar farms is what it was called. Uh, the Devin Nunes had no connection to this farm had all his family owned it.

Yes. Newness did not have a financial interest in it. Nunes was not involved in it in any way. And they said that in their article, but nevertheless, Devin Nunes saw the article said, Oh, they’ll no. And he sued them for defamation. Well, this a Trump appointed judge, a Trump appointed federal judge by the name of CJ Williams dismissed the case with prejudice, which is one of the only times I’m prejudice. Okay. Uh, but that means by the way, for those who aren’t familiar with it, that Nunes cannot refile the suit. Like he killed it. This truck appointed Republican right wing judge killed this lawsuit brought by one of Donald Trump’s staunchest defenders in the house preventatives. He could have just dismissed it. But even this Trump appointed judge, and that’s important to keep saying Trump, the judge saw this lawsuit and said, wow, what, no, this is ridiculous.

I’m going to dismiss this and I’m going to make it. Or you can never file this. It’s over Devin. You’ve lost. You have no case. The judge says and the judge just 100% correct. In this particular instance. Yes. Yes. Because as we mentioned, uh, Ryan Lizza her’s media, they made it clear. Devin Nunes was not involved with this farm. It’s his family’s farm, which was a true claim. But Nunes tried to say that there were 11 instances in there of imply implied slander, I guess, you know? Oh, well, you’re trying to make it sound like I might maybe have a possible slight connect now just said, no, that’s not true. That’s not true. And this was a massive ruling, by the way, a 48 page opinion by this judge to dismiss the lawsuit. You typically don’t get 48 page opinion when you’re just saying I’m dismissing your lawsuit. This judge had a lot to say. And all of it was a stern warning towards Devin Nunes to say, listen, what you’ve done here is wrong. Your legal arguments that your lawyers brought are wrong. Every point you’re trying to make everything you’re trying to Sue these individuals for is wrong. Get out and stay out. That is the message from the judge on this. And it’s a message. Devin Nunes desperately needed to learn.

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