So-called Christian TV host Rick Wiles implored Donald Trump recently to bust out the hollow point bullets and use them on the protestors all over the country. Wiles claims that Obama built up a stockpile of these bullets that are now under Trump’s control, and he wants the President to stop wasting time and permanently end these people exercising their Constitutional rights. Ring of Fire’s Farron Cousins discusses this.


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Right wing evangelical, pastor TV and radio host Rick Wiles last week at the end of last week, got on the air and actually encouraged Donald Trump to use all of his available power, both political power and firepower to start murdering protestors here in the United States and no folks that is not hyperbole. That is not an exaggeration of what Rick Wiles said. So here, take a look and listen for yourself to what Rick Wiles and alleged Christian said. Trump should do to these protestors. Take a look, mr. Meadows, Please tell president Trump that he is now in possession of the Bama bullets, 2 billion Bama bullets. You’re in possession of them. Now you got the Bama bullets and you can put down the resurrection. I mean the insurrection, you can put it down. You have the Bama bullets in your hands and you don’t have to tolerate this anymore. They were purchased for the purpose of putting down an insurrection where you got one. So put the hollow point bullets to good use and get out there and put down this communist revolution. So the rest of us could live our lives peacefully.

I don’t think it gets any more clear than that. Rick Wiles, alleged man of God, who is a total fraud, by the way, if you’re a man of God, you don’t call for other innocent people to just be straight up murdered by the president of the United States or by anyone really, it doesn’t matter who they’re saying should murder somebody. You don’t knew that if you’re actually a man of God, but Rick Wiles straight up told the president of the United States, uh, told his chief of staff, Mark Meadows, get those hollow point bullets and put them to use. That’s crazy. That is inciting violence. Um, somebody needs to go and shut Rick Wiles down and put him in jail. This is not okay. This is not legal. You cannot call for murders here in the United States. I’m sorry that maybe you don’t agree with the protesters, not just puts you on the wrong side of history and you would have been fine to stay there. But when you openly call for murdering them, eh, this alleged insurrection as you’re calling it, this is not an insurrection. Nobody’s trying to overthrow any government at all. That’s not happening, folks. It truly is not despite what you may read in conservative media, despite what their crazed headlines might read. They’re trying to make this into a bigger thing than it actually is because that’s the only thing they have to run on in this election. That’s why they’re doing it

Yet. Not because it’s as bad as they say it is, but because they’re trying to convince you, it is because That is the only way they think they can win this election. Don’t fall for it. Things have gotten bad in some of these cities. Yeah. And do you know why? Because Trump said in his DHS agents, his DHS soldiers, his little stormtroopers and they made things so much worse. Things were getting better until he sent his people in. That’s what the officials in these cities are telling us. They were getting things under control until Trump made it worse intentionally. But anyone out there calling for violence, not just calling for violence, let’s call this what it is calling for. Murder. Rick Wiles, advocated murder against these individuals. This is unacceptable. This is not something you can do here in the United States. And I hope the FBI has already opened up a file into mr. Wiles for his absurd and irresponsible and criminal behavior in this matter.

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