In every single state except for one, Mitch McConnell has a net negative approval rating. The dissatisfaction that the public is showing towards the Republican Senate leader is bad news for Republicans as a whole as they desperately try to maintain control of the Senate. Everyone thought that it was going to be Donald Trump’s negative approval ratings that cost Republicans the Senate, but now it looks like the public is just tired of general incompetence. Ring of Fire’s Farron Cousins explains what’s happening.


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You know, for weeks, stories have been emerging about the Republican party, about the senators, the Republican senators in DC. All of them essentially freaking out over the fact that they think Donald Trump is going to destroy or maybe has already destroyed their chances of retaining control of the Senate after this year’s elections. We have covered those stories a lot. They’re interesting. They make some great points, right? Donald Trump’s incompetence is likely going to cost the down ballot races and Republicans have more Senate seats up this year than the Democrats do, nearly twice as many. So control of the Senate is up for grabs and Republicans think Trump is going to cost them. Except according to the latest data, it’s not Donald Trump that the Republicans in the Senate need to be worried about because as it stands right now, the person who is most likely going to cost Republicans control of the Senate is none other than Mitch McConnell himself.

According to the latest round of data, Mitch McConnell has a negative, a net negative approval rating in 49 out of 50 States across this country. There is only one state in this nation where Mitch McConnell does not have a negative approval rating and no, it is not his home state of Kentucky. It happens to be the state of Wyoming where Mitch McConnell’s approval rating is a net zero. So the only state where he’s not in the negative is the state where his approval and disapproval ratings are even, so a net of zero. So there’s literally no state in this country where Mitch McConnell is viewed favorably by a majority of voters. And in the Republican battleground States this year, South Carolina, Arizona, Colorado, Georgia, and several others, Mitch McConnell’s negative. In fact, the best polling he has in the battleground States is in South Carolina where his net approval rating is only negative 19% that’s the best he does is net negative 19%. So yes, Republicans have a problem.

They are in trouble of losing the Senate, but it actually has less to do with Donald Trump and more to do with Mitch McConnell. Now here’s the democratic part of it. We have seen Republicans run ads all over the country. I actually see them here in my little city in Florida because we get the Alabama local news stations. So we get the Alabama political ads. They have made all of their political ads about Nancy Pelosi, like in, in Alabama. You know that California representative, somehow big factor in those Alabama local races, by the way. They’re effective. They actually do work for some reason, maybe because it’s Alabama. But, but Democrats need to do this with Mitch McConnell just as Republicans try to tie every Democrat to Nancy Pelosi, even though most of us can’t stand her. Democrats aren’t doing that with Mitch McConnell. They should. Mitch McConnell is the face of the Republican party. If it ain’t Donald Trump, it’s Mitch McConnell. Mitch McConnell has done far more damage to this country than Donald Trump has. Mitch McConnell’s been at it for more than three decades.

Trump’s only been doing it for more than three years. McConnell’s done much worse and McConnell will continue doing worse after Trump leaves office. So Democrats need to get on this messaging. Everybody hates Mitch McConnell. Pelosi’s approval rating is far better than McConnell’s, yet they still to try, try to tie every Democrat to her. Democrats do the same with McConnell. They’ve given you the playbook, they’ve shown you how to do it with what they’ve done to Pelosi and every other Democrat. Do it to them with McConnell, it’s super easy and it would be super effective. The public understands that Mitch McConnell is the villain here. All you have to keep doing is gently reminding them of how horrible McConnell is and how every Republican is subservient to McConnell. It’s an easy enough strategy and given the current poll numbers, that might be the best way for Democrats to take back control of the Senate.

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