The United States is suffering from something far worse than the Coronavirus pandemic. We are suffering from a healthcare system that has grown out of control with greed. A great example is that a woman was recently charged nearly $35,000 for treatment after she contracted the Coronavirus. This is the price that people who do not have health insurance as expected to pay. Ring of Fire’s Farron Cousins discusses this. 


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According to a report from time magazine out this past weekend, a woman by the name of Danni Askini went to the hospital, tested positive for coronavirus after several trips to the emergency room at the suggestion of her doctor. And then at the end of all this, after the coronavirus testing, coronavirus treatment, received a bill for just a few dollars shy of $35,000. Now according to reports, Ms Askini did not have health insurance, so this was the price that she had to pay or was asked to pay straight up out of pocket, $35,000. Now here’s the thing. This story is not unique. In fact, the Kaiser family foundation, let me, I’ll just read it. This is from the Hill. The story of her bill comes as the Kaiser family foundation has released a study predicting the average cost of coronavirus treatment for someone with insurance and without health complications would total around $9,763 and treatment for someone with complications could top $20,000. That’s with insurance. If you have health insurance and say you have a preexisting condition or you get coronavirus and, you know, it gets kind of bad for you, you’re going to be looking at over $20,000 in hospital bills. Folks, this is not sustainable and this story highlights every possible thing that is wrong with the current healthcare system here in the United States, and I know we have some people out there, Joe Biden’s one of them, saying that no, all coronavirus testing should be free and all treatment should be free for this one disease.

That’s not good enough. That’s absolutely not even good enough. That is in fact insulting because yes, we’re in the middle of a pandemic. But what about somebody who goes in and gets treatment for cancer and they don’t have insurance? What about somebody who has a heart attack and has to be taken in for an emergency bypass and only to find out later they don’t have insurance? Those people get billed hundreds of thousands of dollars. Women going into have a child get billed tens of thousands of dollars. This isn’t just related to coronavirus. This is related to every single aspect of American healthcare. We can do better. In fact, we have to do better. We cannot allow people to just die in this country because they can’t afford these hospital bills. Nobody who contracts a serious illness, whether it’s coronavirus or cancer or diabetes, should ever think to themselves, should I get treatment because I don’t know if I can pay for it. That’s unacceptable and it’s proof that we failed. Capitalism failed us. The federal government failed us. Our healthcare system failed us. The whole thing should be nationalized. The whole thing, every single piece of healthcare in the United States, from pharmaceuticals to hospitals should be nationalized because what’s happening to people right now with these surprise bills that they’re getting is nothing short of criminal.

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