New York Governor Andrew Cuomo and his brother Chris Cuomo from CNN started bickering like the siblings they are during a live segment on CNN this week, showing that sibling rivalry really isn’t something that people outgrow. The clip started with Governor Cuomo saying their mom made him go on Chris’s show, followed by a major eyeroll, and it just devolved from there. Ring of Fire’s Farron Cousins discusses this.


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It’s really hard to find anything positive in the news today. Obviously we have a democratic primary that’s not going very well. We have an administration currently in power that’s lying to us every second that they’re speaking. So it’s hard to find something fun that makes you feel happy or, you know, glad for even just a few moments. But luckily CNN inadvertently gave us this moment of hilarity earlier this week when CNN’s own, Chris Cuomo hosted his brother, New York governor Andrew Cuomo, and the whole segment kind of devolved into typical sibling bickering. Take a look. This is hilarious.

Chris Cuomo: The leader who knows the reality better than any other right now, at least in New York, is the governor of New York, Andrew Cuomo. Of course, my brother. Thank you for coming back to the show.

Andrew Cuomo: Mom told me I had too. The only thing that happened here is the lens change. I’m doing what I do and I’ve been doing it the same way and I look the same as I’ve always looked.

Chris Cuomo: But to be fair.

Andrew Cuomo: Which is better than the way you look, but thats irrelevant.

Chris Cuomo: I’ll, I’ll get to that. One, I’m hearing your fingernails like scratch on something like you’re nervous. I know you’re busy. There’s always time to cut your fingernails and call your mom. Because you know that what people are saying about how you look really can’t be accurate. So it must be hard for you to make sense of what is real and what is true, now. I, I feel for you.

Andrew Cuomo: Jealousy, yeah, to your jealousy.

Chris Cuomo: Always straight right across the plate, straight across the plate.

Andrew Cuomo: My little brother. Don’t worry. There’s still time. There’s hope for you. One day so you can grow up to be like me.

Chris Cuomo: I’ve tried to be like you my whole life. Look where it got me. Governor Andrew Cuomo.

So I just have to say about this again, this is not relevant to any news of the day. Yes, Andrew Cuomo is out there. He’s done some good things up there in New York during the response to this crisis. Outside of that, not such a great governor. Chris Cuomo, I do not agree with everything he says on CNN. I’m not even a fan of CNN, but this segment was funny, right? It just kind of shows us that you never really grow out of that sibling rivalry type thing. I mean you, when you have Chris, they’re sitting like, sounds like you’re scratching your fingernails against some that you could. You had time to cut those, come on. And then Andrew at the beginning say, well, mom made me come on and then Chris rolls his eyes. It’s funny.

It’s a break from all of the insanity that we currently see happening around this country. And I think that’s the message here. We have to take a little bit of time. We have to do something to kind of ease our minds. A lot of people are going stir crazy, stuck in their homes. Take a couple moments each day to laugh. Take a couple moments to not take everything so seriously. That’s what has to happen right now. If that clip didn’t do it for you, then look up videos of goats that scream like humans. That always makes my kids laugh. Do something. Look up funny cat videos, funny puppy videos, whatever it takes. Keep your sanity by taking at least a few minutes each day to laugh. I promise you, especially at this time in American history, it’s definitely going to help.

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