Jared Kushner’s family is making a ton of money off of the Coronavirus, and they see a lot more in their future. Kushner’s brother owns a health insurance company that is setting up testing centers for the disease, and they stand to make a hefty profit off of the pandemic. Ring of Fire’s Farron Cousins explains what is happening and how the Kushner family never fails to cash in on a crisis. 


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So I’m sure everybody knows that Jared Kushner and his family are involved in the real estate business. I mean, we have talked about that ad nauseam, as have plenty of other media outlets out there. But it turns out that real estate is not the only industry that the Kushner family is involved in and in fact they are also involved in the health insurance industry. Jared’s brother Josh is the cofounder co owner of a company called Oscar Health and Oscar health has come up with a new little money grab scheme where they’ve launched a new coronavirus testing center locator and people can sign up for this. I’m sure they can pay a little bit of money and they can find the nearest testing center. They’ve got over 100 listed on their little Oscar Health test center locator thing and you can also pay a little bit more money and you can get a consultation with a doctor. Oscar Health run by Joshua Kushner is there for you and this just shows that there is no crisis too great for the Kushner family to not try to cash in on it.

Folks that is what this is. This is a massive cash grab. They see a crisis and rather than saying, hey, we’re going to help people out, we’re going to help you how to, you know, show you how to find a test center. Instead, it’s going to be, we’re going to help you find a test center and talk to a doctor for a price. They don’t need to do it this way. They shouldn’t do it this way. But they are because even in times of a national crisis, greedy people like every member of the Kushner family tree will always find a way to profit from it. Now, Oscar Health isn’t doing too great folks. Believe it or not, the Kushner’s are not very good at running businesses. Oscar Health lost $110 million last year after losing $57 million the year before. So this is a company that is essentially on its last leg, losing that much money all the time. And they needed something they needed, anything they could do to get their hands on a little bit more money so they could keep going and they think they found it with the coronavirus.

But folks, this is absolutely despicable and unfortunately this is probably not the end of it. We have seen right-wing grifters come out and try to profiteer off this disaster selling toothpastes like Alex Jones, that they claim can kill the virus. You have religious right leaders out there selling phony cures and snake oil treatments and all kinds of things like that. But none of that compares to how dirty and deceitful the Kushner family is being. They stand to gain from this. And what’s also interesting, obviously you have Jared Kushner working in the White House. He helped write Donald Trump’s coronavirus speech. He was part of the team that decided, no, we’re not going to call for massive testing for American citizens and now suddenly we are. Huh. Wonder if that had anything to do with the fact that his brother stands to make a hefty profit if they move forward with aggressive testing? Guess we’ll have to wait and find out till the end of the year when Oscar Health has to release, you know, all their financial information and we’ll see just how much the Kushner family profited off of this disaster.

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