The FDA has warned consumers to NOT buy toothpaste being sold by conspiracy theorist Alex Jones. Jones is currently selling a toothpaste that he claims can kill the coronavirus, but the FDA is warning that there is no such product capable of doing this. Jones joins the growing list of right wing grifters who are selling bogus “cures” for the virus. Ring of Fire’s Farron Cousins discusses this.


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Alex Jones, who by the way, just the other day, was arrested for DWI driving near Austin, is always the kind of guy who hawks some kind of questionable product. Right? He’s hawked us kind of supplements, you know, these doomsday prepper packs and now he’s out there hawking toothpaste that he claims can actually kill the Coronavirus. Now, the FDA has issued lots of warnings to Alex Jones and they’ve said, listen, you have to stop doing this. The toothpaste you are selling is fraudulent. It does not do the things you claim it does. You have to stop saying these crazy things about the toothpaste. But Alex Jones, he’s not going to do that. He’s not going to let the government tell him what to do and he’s going to keep hawking this toothpaste that could eventually get people killed because they think it’s going to stop them from getting an infection.

This is what Jones said the other day on his show, explaining what, how the toothpaste works. The patented nanosilver we have, the Pentagon has come out and documented and Homeland Security has said this stuff kills the whole SARS Corona family at point blank range. They’re still discounted despite all hell breaking loose. So you still get a good discount on your fraudulent toothpaste, folks. But the FDA wants you to know that this nanosilver or colloidal silver. Hucksters like Alex Jones have been selling this crap to you since the 1990s and the FDA has been issuing warnings since the 1990s telling people that there is absolutely no health benefit whatsoever to colloidal silver, nanosilver, which is basically where you have little particles of silver suspended in some kind of liquid. That’s it. There’s no magical properties to it. There’s no medical properties to it.

It’s just little flecks of silver in water and somehow these shysters like Alex Jones, like Jim Bakker, who’s selling similar products right now, they think this can actually kill viruses or at least they want you to think this can actually kill viruses. But since the 90s the FDA has been telling us for the love of God, don’t use this stuff. If you think it’s actually going to cure what ails you, it is not going to do it. It is snake oil, folks. We’re back to the days of the traveling medicine man and the little covered wagon. Come one, come all, try my wonderful nerve tonic. It’s good for you. That’s what Alex Jones is today. He is a traveling carnival barker trying to get you to buy his latest tonic. But please folks do me a favor. Don’t ever buy toothpaste from Alex Jones. Okay, can we just all agree on that?

Alex Jones doesn’t seem like the kind of guy you should be buying anything from, let alone toothpaste. Go to the store to buy your toothpaste and while we’re at it, don’t ever expect a toothpaste to kill the Coronavirus or the flu virus or cold viruses and bacteria or the SARS virus or West Nile or Ebola or anything. Toothpaste is toothpaste. It can remove plaque and help, you know, prevent gingivitis and help prevent cavities and such. That’s about where it stops. So if you think that brushing your teeth with silver is going to prevent you from getting the virus, then you have much more serious problems to worry about than your toothpaste.

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