Rachel Maddow scored an interview with indicted Giuliani associate Lev Parnas, and the interview certainly didn’t disappoint. Parnas has proven to be the smoking gun against Donald Trump, able to connect all the dots and name all the names. Unfortunately, this should have come in the form of a testimony rather than a cable news interview, but the secrets are now out there. Ring of Fire’s Farron Cousins discusses this.


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Well Lev Parnas, the indicted Ukrainian American associate of Rudy Giuliani has finally been given some air time by the media. Rachel Maddow from MSNBC had a absolutely phenomenal interview with Parnas last night, and I know I’ve been hard on Matt in the past. This was a truly great interview because it revealed that Lev Parnas himself is in fact the smoking gun for the entire Ukraine scandal that Donald Trump has been involved in an impeached for at this point. Now, here’s the thing. Parnas last night didn’t just implicate Trump. He did implicate Trump. He said Trump knew all this. It was all directed by him. He also implicated William Barr. He implicated Devin Nunes. He implicated Mike Pence. Everybody in this administration, the worst of the worst, the most horrible people, including Mike Pompeo, every single one of them was named by name, by Mr. Parnas During this interview and other interviews that Parnas conducted throughout the day.

So yeah, we know the info now. So let’s go over just a couple things. Some of the most explosive claims that Parnas made. First and foremost was the fact that yes, Donald Trump was aware of what was happening and he was directing it. That obviously is the biggest claim from any of these interviews that Parnas did. It blows up Donald Trump’s defense. Any Republican defense trying to say that, Oh, Trump was not aware of this. This was a Giuliani endeavor. That is what Republicans have been trying to paint this as for several months. It’s just Giuliani, a rogue actor out here doing this all on his own to help Donald Trump, but Trump didn’t know about it. Yeah. Parnas says, that’s not true. He also said that it wasn’t just the military aid that Donald Trump wanted to withhold. It was everything. Anything Ukraine could possibly need at any point in the future would be withheld if they didn’t go out and publicly announced this investigation into Barisma and Joe and Hunter Biden.

That being said, we know now thanks to Parnas who has also provided documents and text messages and videos and photographs to corroborate all of his claims. We know now that this is what happened and I am only disappointed about one particular thing here. This information from Parnas shouldn’t have come out on cable news interviews. It should have come out during a hearing in the house of representatives. That’s when this should have happened. And I know a lot of people say, well, he could, he was a court wouldn’t let him. Then you wait. You wait, because they knew that Parnas wanted to talk. We knew back in, uh, I think it was October, that Parnas wanted to talk. The courts weren’t letting him just yet because they needed to decide whether or not they could, but the Democrats didn’t wait.

They could have, they should have. Then all of this would have been on the record in Congress, not to mention televised for the entire country to see more people were watching those impeachment hearings. Then watch the CNN interviews with Parnas or the Rachel Maddow interview with Parnas. Sorry to say. So more people would have seen this. More people would have heard these explosive allegations, but instead Democrats rushed it, went ahead and voted on it. It’s about to make its way over to the Senate this week, and Parnas may or may not be called as a witness in the sentence impeachment trial. Given what we already know from Parnas, it seems incredibly unlikely that Republicans will want him to come into their trial and say these same things and further implicate the president and pretty much every single member of his cabinet.