Devin Nunes appeared on Fox News Wednesday evening where he suddenly was able to remember that he did, in fact, have a phone call with Lev Parnas. He had previously denied that the call took place, even though phone records proved it happened months ago. But Nunes was caught off guard and gave a flimsy excuse before immediately going off the rails in the interview. Ring of Fire’s Farron Cousins discusses this.


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For the longest time, Republican representative Devin Nunes has sworn that he did not in fact have a phone call with the Lev Parnas, even though the house of representatives has part of their impeachment packet, had call logs from Parnas showing that he did in fact have a roughly eight minute phone conversation with Devin Nunes on Devin Nunes. His cell phone Nunes still looked at that evidence and told the public, Nope. Didn’t ever happen. And then finally last night on Fox news, suddenly Devin Nunes as loved partners is on the other network, spilling the beans on everything. Suddenly Devin Nunes had a moment of clarity and Oh yeah, Lev, I totally remember that guy. Yeah. Here’s the clip.

Very strange. So, and we also talked back then about the fact that your phone number showed up with calls to him to love Parnas, um, in, in a like list of data numbers. And you said that you didn’t recall, uh, speaking with him, um, or whether it was on your cell phone or your office phone. Have you, have you figured out the answer to any of those questions?

If you, if you recall that was brand new when that had come out when I came on your show because I just did, I just didn’t know the name, this name. Parnas so, you know what I always like to remind people is, you know, we are dealing with people every day. We’re an oversight committee. So we have incoming calls that come to my office, to my cell phone, et cetera, et cetera. And then, you know, you know, now that, uh, he had called my cell phone, uh, and I didn’t know his name, I didn’t remember the name, but I did remember going back looking at where I was at the time. Cause you know, you can do that now. You actually know where you physically are. Checked it with my records and it was very clear. I remember, I remember that call, uh, which was very odd, random talking about random things and I said, great, you know, just talk to my staff and boom, boom, boom.

So, right. It’s awkward enough for him to be like Listen: You know what I mean? I’m in the house of representatives. People are calling me all the time. They’re calling me on my cell phone. First and foremost, Devin, you’re a member of Congress. I seriously doubt you’re just handing your cell phone number out to randos out there. I’m pretty sure your staff knows not to give your personal cell phone number to random people who call into your office. You would be inundated all day, every day. That’s not how it works. I, we’ve done interviews with members of Congress and when they have to give us a cell phone number, you know what we get? We get an AIDS cell phone number because they will not give us the member of Congress has cell phone number, so I know for a fact it’s not given out to random people, including people in the media, so that’s a lie. You’re absolutely being dishonest there, but I can understand you’re caught between a rock and a hard place. All the information is out there. The call logs to back this up Parnas out. They’re implicating you even further in this saying that you were right there with them directing them sometimes on what to do. We know that you did this show. How are you going to walk back from easy, a little bit of misdirection.

So there was no discussion about the, about the Ukrainian ambassador, there was no, was there any discussion about the Ukrainian ambassador and the fact that she should be removed in that call?

Well, the first time I remember the name Yovanovitch the ambassador was not until this impeachment sham started. Uh, you have to remember what I w what I would guess. Uh, I would be interested at that time because then we still have an ongoing investigation into what the Clinton campaign, specifically fusion GPS and others who in Ukraine they were working with and why they were involved in the Russia hoax. And now the Democrats have denied that. But it is very clear that the Democrats were heavily involved in getting Ukrainians to talk about dirt and dig up dirt on Trump campaign.

Yeah. And that is what Rudy Giuliani says he was reaching out to president Zelensky to discuss. Um, and a lot of that has brought us to where we are today as we watch those people.

Oh, that’s right. It always comes back to the Democrats. The Democrats are really the bad guys here. Not Devin Nunes. You know, not the guy who made the call with love. Parnas not the guy who was orchestrating things with left partner saying the administration. No, totally the Democrats and, and Barisma and Joe and Hunter Biden and, and you crane and you know, fusion GPS. He threw that in there too. My God, he wrapped up every single conspiracy theory about the Democrats and use that to excuse his own potentially career ending behavior. I mean, why not throw the word Benghazi in there somewhere to throw in whitewater and Monica Lewinsky while you’re at it. Cause you’re just throwing everything at the wall hoping something is going to stick. But here’s the thing, Devin, we have all of the evidence now. I mean, you threatened to Sue a Congressman, Ted lieu if, uh, because he had said that you’ve made this call when the evidence showed you made this call, you threatened to Sue him. I think at this point he may need to Sue you because you’re a liar and you’ve been lying to us from day one about this entire scandal. Devin, you were involved. The testimony proves it. The documents prove it. The call logs prove it. You can’t walk your way out of this when you can’t back out of it. No matter how much you try to somehow blame the Democrats for your disgusting behavior.

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