A conservative radio program in Denver has been cancelled after one of the hosts said that he was hoping for a school shooting to happen so that it distracts the public from impeachment. The host claimed that this was just a joke, but there is far too much truth to this statement to let it slide. Ring of Fire’s Farron Cousins discusses this.


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Our radio station in Denver announced that they had fired a conservative radio show host. Canceled his program that he hosted with his wife, because on Wednesday during the impeachment debate in the house of representatives, the host, the man by the name of Chuck Bonniwell, actually said the following, he said, you wish for a nice school shooting to interrupt from the never ending impeachment saga happening in the house. You wish for a nice school shooting. Mr Bonniwell had to say. His wife, the cohost Julie Hayden, then said, don’t even say that. No, don’t even say that. Don’t call us. Chuck didn’t say that. Um, of course, then Chuck said, well, of course, you know, we don’t want anyone to actually get hurt. And the radio station didn’t hesitate. And they said, well, guess what? Your canceled and here’s the thing. Then later on they took to Twitter, Mr Chuck Bonniwell, and he had to say, I made an inappropriate comment meant as a joke. I’m sorry, it was not received that way. Um, you’re living in a state Colorado that has suffered, uh, two of the most high profile mass shootings in the history of the United States. Columbine and then the Aurora movie theater shooting. And then let’s also not forget that back in may in Denver, there was another school shooting at a high school. So you’re living in a state that has suffered quite a few high profile mass shootings and you think it’s appropriate to joke about a nice school shooting to interrupt from the impeachment. Maybe take the hate off Donald Trump a little bit. The sad, sick, twisted part of this story is that’s typically how these shootings work. When a mass shooting happens comes along, something like that. The media focuses on nothing but that it is a good distraction for a day or two and then the public moves on. But that’s what’s so sick about it. And the NRA prays for mass shootings because every time there’s a mass shooting in this country, guess what happens? People run out and buy more guns. The NRA and their donors make more money and then they pass that money along to politicians who after mass shootings offer nothing but thoughts and prayers. Now, I’m not trying to be the joke police here and say that, Oh, there’s certain things you can’t joke about there. There certainly are certain things you can’t joke about, but this was not a joke. This man was dead serious because he doesn’t understand how bad the problem of mass shootings are here in the United States. He is probably typically one of those people who offers the thoughts and prayers and then says, now’s not the time to talk about gun control. Now’s not the time to talk about expanded background checks. We just have to be there for the families when they need us and then when they actually need us not do what they need us to do. This was a disgusting comment made by a disgusting human being that is finally facing the repercussions for his actions. I do not feel sorry in the least bit for mr Bonniwell or his conservative program. That’s no longer in the air. Partly because knowing conservative media, this guy’s going to find a new home, a new radio show, possibly even a new web series before the end of the month.

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