Conservative talker Ben Shapiro wasn’t happy that Kamala Harris said that there are no laws specifically written to target men’s bodies, and he tried to counter that EVERY law is meant to regulate men’s bodies. His argument is about as absurd as you can imagine, but this is the kind of drivel that passes for “intellect” on the right. Ring of Fire’s Farron Cousins discusses this.


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Ben Shapiro doesn’t understand how laws work. Now, I’m not saying Ben Shapiro has broken any laws, but I am saying that if anybody wanted to hire somebody to defend them in court, please for the love of God, stay away from naughty lawyer Ben Shapiro. And if you’re wondering why I’m saying this, take a look at how Ben Shapiro thinks laws are actually written in this country. 
A comment that, that there’s not a single law that tells a man what to do with his body. Try virtually every law that applies to human beings, right? I’m not allowed to use my body to smack my employees. I’m not allowed to use my body to sell drugs. There are lots of different things you’re not allowed to do with your body. The only thing that is different between men and women when it comes to this is that men don’t have another human being inside their body unless they’re Jeffrey Dahmer. That’s not something that you’re supposed to have inside. If you’re a woman, you have another human being in there. My wife is pregnant. There’s a human in there, a human, okay. And if she decides to harm that human, she is not just doing something with her body. She’s doing something with that human’s body as all of us know. But Camilla Harris is a wild human baby. 
Again, Ben Shapiro has not been to law school at least as far as I know. If he has, you need to go ask for a refund. Maybe take your receipt in there and say, listen, I paid for these law school classes, but I came out like this. Huh. But I don’t think he’s been. Nonetheless, that is absolutely the most idiotic argument that I’ve ever heard coming out of Ben Shapiro and that is quite the feat. Now, here’s what happened. Ben Shapiro got angry obviously at Camilla Harris during the democratic debate saying that there was no laws in this country specifically written to target men’s bodies the way we have laws written to specifically target women’s bodies. That is an accurate statement by Camila Harris. But Ben Shapiro says, no, no, no, no. Every law, every law out there is about men’s bodies. You’re telling me I can’t use my body to drink a 40 and then go drive around and kill somebody? Nope. That’s a law against my body. You’re telling me I can’t use my body to fire a gun in somebodies head. That’s a law against my body. Ben Shapiro says no. You know, sometimes, sometimes those on the right, like Ben Shapiro just have an argument that’s so stupid that you almost can’t even refute it because it’s so dumb and you’re trying to put yourself in their mindset. You’re trying to get down and be like, okay, how, how did he misconstrue this so bad? But I think doing that is over analyzing and I, I think at the end of the day, the big story is just that Ben Shapiro’s dumb and has plenty of people have pointed out, Ben Shapiro is a dumb person’s idea of what a smart person should be. I mean, hell, he got called part of the intellectual dark web by the New York times. There is nothing intellectual about Ben Shapiro. He knows a lot of words and he knows how to make stupid people feel validated. That’s what this clip is about. It’s about trying to confuse people, but I don’t even think Shapiro is smart enough to try to confuse people. I think he honestly believes the things he says, and I’ve pointed that out before, I think there’s plenty of people on the right who know that this is a grift what they’re doing, and they’re doing it because it makes them money. Candace Owens is one. Charlie Kirk is another, but Ben Shapiro, no, he doesn’t know it’s a grift. He doesn’t think he’s a grifter and he doesn’t think that he’s making things up. and that’s why he’s far more dangerous because Ben Shapiro believes the things that he says. Ben Shapiro actually believes that a law, any law out there in this country was specifically written to target a man’s body. And that’s not the case. Camilla Harris is correct. We are as a country, as a state, depending on where you are trying to legislate a woman’s body. And I know I’ve been sitting there talking about, Oh, you’ve got another human being in there. Men don’t have human beings in their bodies. He says in that clip I mean, they’re not exactly human beings, but Ben, I assume you, I mean you said your wife was pregnant, so I’m assuming you know how anatomy works. Men may not have the full baby, but we also have the things that develop into babies when combined with a woman, right? You know that, you know that, and wouldn’t it be just as fitting if say female lawmakers got together and said, okay, anytime there is an ejaculation from a man that does not result in pregnancy, thereby killing millions of potential human beings, that man could be prosecuted. See Ben, that would be a law that specifically targets a man’s body telling you what you can and cannot do with your little swimmers that do have the potential to go on and become human beings. But you don’t care about that because at that point, those are just cells, right? That’s what science tells us. Those are cells, just like an egg is a cell. And for the first few days, let’s say rapidly dividing cluster of cells multiplying. But the second that the cell from you meets with that cell from your wife, you think that’s what a human being is. Your wife is a doctor as you repeatedly, you need to ask her about these things and maybe she can explain it a little better. Maybe show you some diagrams and explain how all of this works. But ultimately it becomes something that lives inside of a woman’s body. If you had a tapeworm living inside of you, and we passed a law that says no men can’t get rid of their tapeworms, that would be a law targeting men’s bodies. But as it stands right now, we don’t have that either. Just a bunch of laws written by a bunch of elderly white men saying women don’t get to choose what happens to them.

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