A bombshell new book has revealed that at least 43 women have accused Donald Trump of inappropriate sexual conduct, and the book doesn’t shy away from the details. It explains, at length, several different situations where women describe the abuse, and nearly all of these accounts have been corroborated by other witnesses. These are the stories that the public has to remember, as Ring of Fire’s Farron Cousins explains.


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According to a forthcoming book, the book titled all the presidents, women, Donald Trump, and the making of a predator by Barry Levein and Monique L. Fonzie Donald Trump has at least 43 different women that he is engaged in inappropriate sexual conduct with 26 of whom out of these 43 say that they received unwanted sexual contact from the president of the United States over the years. Now in this book, the authors conducted more than 100 interviews with women. They stretch the time period, not just the last 10 years or 15 years. They went back to his time in school, his adolescence, and they talked to as many people as they could. They talked to as many witnesses as they could find and they were able to corroborate nearly all of the stories that they heard. This week, Esquire published a bit of an excerpt from this book where one woman, the model by the name of Karen Johnson, told her story of what happened to her at a party down in South Florida several years ago. I’m going to read it, this is her quote. I was just walking to the bathroom. I was grabbed and pulled behind a tapestry and it was him and I’m a tall girl and I had six inch heels on and I still remember looking up at him and he’s strong and he just kissed me. I was so scared because of who he was. I don’t even know where it came from. I didn’t have a say in the matter. She then goes on to explain how Donald Trump after forcibly kissing her behind that tapestry made her stand there with him and greet guests. And the reason he did this with this woman was because Melania had called it an early night. They had just kind of started dating at this time, but she wasn’t available and he needed a woman on his arm. He needed more than just a woman on his arm. And that is how this man operates. And yes, again, they found witnesses to corroborate this story. To me, this is the biggest scandal of the entire Trump administration, possibly of Trump’s entire life. We now have 43 credible women who have said that the president has done something that made them uncomfortable or that was borderline or all the way assault. That’s what was just described. They’re folks that’s assault or unwanted sexual contact is assault and the president’s now been accused by 43 different women. Are we ever gonna take these stories seriously? Are we ever gonna forget or I’m sorry, stop forgetting that they’re out there. You know, every couple we try to do segments on here reminding people, Hey, let’s not forget about all of the sexual assault the president has been accused of, and then the next scandal happens in the next stupid tweet comes out and Kellyanne Conway says something stupid on TV and everybody forgets about it. How about we stop forgetting? How about that? How about we start taking these stories seriously? How about Congress starts pulling these women in under oath in saying, all we want to know is your story. Tell us what happened just to get it on the congressional record and save it for all of American history to view. That’s what needs to happen. The president is a sexual predator. He is also corrupt as hell. He has committed more crimes than I think I’ve ever seen a president committed in my lifetime. But this one, these stories these matter the most because this is anguish and pain that these women are still carrying with them today, and the very least we can do is at least listen to their stories.

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