According to a new report by Axios, Donald Trump is scared that impeachment is going to put a permanent stain on his legacy. If he actually cared about his legacy, there are countless other things that he needs to be worried about. His trade war, his human rights violations, his assault on equal rights, just to name a few. Ring of Fire’s Farron Cousins explains what Trump should really be concerned about.


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Donald Trump recently had a phone call with members of the Republican party serving in the house of representatives where he talked a lot about the impeachment proceedings and he had one thing to say that really stuck out to me and that was that he’s worried that impeachment is going to stain his legacy. As one person who spoke with Axios, who was on the call, said the president said, it’s a bad thing to have on your resume because apparently Donald Trump is concerned about his legacy as president of the United States, and by golly, if he has impeachment on there, it’s going to look pretty bad in the history books. Right. Here’s the thing that annoys me about this. Yes, impeachment is important. I whole heartedly full throated support this and I think the president broke the law and I think impeachment is a slam dunk. At the same time, I don’t think that this call with the Ukrainian president asking him to investigate Joe Biden is the worst thing that the president has done. Hell, I don’t even think it’s in the top 10 worst things that the president has ever done. I don’t dislike Trump because he made this phone call. You want to know why I dislike Trump? You want to know the things that Trump should be worried about with regards to his legacy? Well, let’s start at the top. How about the fact that his department of justice right now is suing in federal court to strip Obamacare from the public? They’re literally arguing in court right now. They, you shouldn’t have health insurance. I’d say that should be in the top 10 worst things. Trump has done. Top 10 things this monster should be remembered for. How about the fact that he is repealing all of these environment environmental regulations even though his own EPA has said, Hey, this is going to cause literally a couple thousand deaths per year if we repeal this rule. But the administration said, we don’t care. Go ahead and do it anyway. Go ahead and do it anyway. People are going to die, but go ahead and do it anyway. Yes, it’s going to uh, exacerbate climate change. You know, at a time when we should be cutting emissions where we’re increasing emissions and people are dying. But sure. Go ahead and do it anyway. I’m going to go ahead and probably put that at number one. That’s the number one worst thing this guy has done very narrowly. Number one, cause there’s a lot of really bad things here. For example, the trade war damage he’s doing and he’s lying to us about it every day saying that, don’t worry, China’s paying those. No, they’re not. We’re paying them. We’re paying them because you as companies are paying them and their sin, uh, passing those, uh, price increases on to us. Farmers going out of business. Generational farmers had the same land for decades and generations gone. Absolutely gone. Consumers are getting hammered manufacturing jobs all time high for job losses in the manufacturing sector for this millennia. I’d say that’s pretty bad. The human rights abuses at the Southern border, locking little kids in cages, that’s really bad. People are dying down there. The situation according to international human rights authorities has been described as massive human rights abuses committed by the United States. And I don’t want to get into the but Obama did it to, yeah, he did. That doesn’t make it okay. Now that should be a stain on Obama’s legacy and I hope it is, but even then, it wasn’t at the level that it is today. It wasn’t ever official policy. It was official policy by this administration. And while we’re on the subject of human rights abuses, how about they’re cozying up to Saudi Arabia, Congress specifically passing a bill saying you can’t sell Saudi Arabia a couple billion dollars worth of weapons and Trump doing it anyway. And then Saudi Arabia turning around, selling those same weapons to our enemies according to reports and committing atrocities in Yemen, including but not limited to bombing children on a school bus. How about the murder of Jamal Khashoggi? Nothing from the Trump administration. They were fine with it and they are in fact complicit in the crimes against humanity being committed by Saudi Arabia. So that’s also up there in the top 10 you have attacking equal rights in the U S the ban on transgender troops. Your the attacks on the LGBTQ community coming from this administration. Absolutely deplorable treating human beings as if they’re not quite human beings. You’re not on the same level as the rest of us because of how you either identify in terms of gender or because of who you’re sexually attracted to. You’re less of a human to this administration based on those things. So that’s also in the top 10 and then of course, who could forget Donald Trump, the inspirational figure, inspiring all sorts of right wing violence across this country. Whether it’s people who think blacks and Jews are scum or people who think anyone coming up from the Southern border is basically as Trump has called them an animal that’s also in the top 10 so yeah, there’s lots of things that are going to stain Donald Trump’s legacy, but impeachment doesn’t even make it to the top. And that’s what we can’t lose focus of here. That’s why I’m talking about this today. Yes. It’s easy to say impeachment. Let’s get them, we got him on these crimes. Yeah, but don’t ever for a second let that overshadow all of the horrible things that this administration has done that these Republicans have done. Cause that is the stuff that we need to remember as we move forward as a country. And those are the items that the next president of the United States is going to have to fix. The Ukraine situation that’s gone. When Trump leaves office, all these other problems, those are still there. And that is why they are so much more important than that one phone call.

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