American taxpayers have now spent $107 million for Donald Trump to play golf in the last two and a half years. This is the same man who not only swore that he wouldn’t have time to play golf once he became president, but he joined in with the Fox News chorus to claim that all Obama ever did was golf. Trump is one of the laziest presidents that we’ve had in modern times, as Ring of Fire’s Farron Cousins explains.


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Uh, Donald Trump spent another day this week at his own golf course. It was the Trump National Doral, which is near the Miami airport. And that little detour after his Orlando Rally on Tuesday evening cost taxpayers about a million dollars according to reports. So now Donald Trump’s total golf tab since becoming president is $106.9 million. So basically $107 million that we, the United States taxpayers have had to pay for Donald Trump to play golf. And the reason I talk about this is because earlier this week I saw conservatives once again bragging on Twitter. The Donald Trump didn’t take a salary. I think Charlie Kirk was one of the people, maybe I’m mistaken, but I think he was one who said, Donald Trump’s salary $0. Uh, and they were talking about this because Congress wants to give themselves a raise, but Trump’s not taken any money. He’s taking a salary of zero because he’s such a damn good guy. Yeah. I mean, we’ve spent $107 million for him to play golf on a 186 different days in the first two and a half years, but it’s not like he gets to keep that money, is it?

Well, actually, yeah, because out of those 186 golf trips, 184 of them have been to golf courses Donald Trump owns. Yeah. See, so you see that 107 million that we’re spending on golf, a lot of that goes back into his own pocket because it’s being spent at his resorts, so, oh, he’s so admirable for not taking a paycheck. You’re an idiot if you think that because he’s getting a paycheck. He’s getting a much bigger paycheck. Then he would have, he had divested and said, okay, I’ll take my salary. That would be a massive pay cut for him, but he’s hoodwinked you idiots into thinking that I’m so great. I’m not taking a dime here. Now if you’ll, excuse me, it’s been two days since I’ve been golfing and I’m starting to get the jitters from not being on the course long enough. That’s what’s happening. 186 out of as of this recording, 882 days means that Donald Trump has spent 21% of his time as president on the golf course.

Folks, 21% of his time as president has been spent hitting a tiny ball with a metal stick. That’s what Donald Trump is doing and he’s doing it, spending our money, hundred and $7 million of which a lot of that goes right back into his pocket in the form of profit from his golf resorts and if you don’t have a problem with that than I am afraid there is no coming back for you. You are too far into the Trump called. You have drank too much of that Kool-Aid and you are too far gone to be helped at this point because Donald Trump’s swore before he was sworn in that he’d be so busy as president, he wouldn’t have time to play golf. Now 21% of the time he’s playing golf. Fox News made it an international scandal the few times Barack Obama played golf saying, this man’s always golfing and he’s never working. Yeah, we’ll, Trump’s a vacation budget has already blown out the eight years of Obama vacation and travel and fun budget. And yet those idiots are also remaining silent. They’re not saying a word about it. They’re not saying a word about the $107 million of taxpayers’ money that he is absolutely wasted to play golf at his own golf courses.

He is profiting off this presidency in a way that conservatives don’t even understand. And I think it’s because they actually don’t want to understand it. They want to sit there thinking, this is some kind of, you know, altruistic man who is not taking a salary. He’s doing the best he can. The economy’s kicking butt, so why not relax every one, you know, one out of every 4.8 days by playing golf. The reason he can’t do that is because one, there’s a lot of issues that he’s just ignoring. There’s a lot of problems that he is personally created, and he’s pocketing all of the profits because he didn’t do what every other president has been forced to do, which is to divest from his own companies.

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