Via America’s Lawyer: According to reports, Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders are the only Democrats who aren’t meeting with Wall Street big wigs or accepting their campaign money. Mike Papantonio explains more.


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And finally tonight, some good news. There are currently more than two dozen Democrats trying to win their party’s nomination for the 2020 election. Nearly all those candidates, or at least the ones who actually have a shot at winning, have signed a pledge saying that they won’t take corporate money. But that pledge doesn’t mean much considering the only two candidates that are refusing to take dirty money from Wall Street. Those two are Elizabeth Warren and Senator Bernie Sanders.

According to reports, Warren and Sanders are the only Democrats who aren’t meeting with Wall Street big wigs. They aren’t attending finance industry fundraisers. They aren’t cozying up to finance executives. Instead, they’re pushing policies to reign in Wall Street’s greed and corruption and help American consumers. In the last 30 years, the finance industry has given more than $6 billion to politicians from both parties, and where the top donors right now, were Democrats in 2016.

That’s a surprise to everybody, but those are the numbers. And by refusing to take their money, Warren and Sanders are letting everyone know that they aren’t okay with the criminal activity that Wall Street engages in that’s tanked our economy. They aren’t okay with bankers gambling away mom and pop pensions, and they aren’t okay with the Democratic Party being owned by the big banks, and that is a message that the American public desperately needs to hear.

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