Fox News host Chris Wallace took a shot at his on-air colleagues earlier this week when he told Shep Smith that some of the “opinion” people on the network were trying to spin the Mueller letter for political purposes. Wallace is correct, but his willingness to say this on the air shows that things at Fox News may actually be a lot worse than people think. Ring of Fire’s Farron Cousins discusses this.


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Farron Cousins:                   For several weeks now. We’ve been discussing along with many others. The fact that Fox News seems to be having a little bit of a, a minor civil war happening behind the scenes, but so far it’s all been behind the scenes and what’s happening behind the scenes is you have a lot of the on air talent who’s not happy with the uh, management because the management doesn’t want to go all in for Trump because the network’s losing advertisers and because they’re losing advertisers and being all in for Trump. You also have the reporters and actual journalists and a lot of the producers at the network who aren’t happy with the on air talent trying to force the management to go all in for Trump. It is an absolute shit show both behind the scenes and if you actually watch the network, that’s the best way to describe it. But again, it’s always been behind the scenes. That is of course, until earlier this week when Chris Wallace decided he’d had enough and actually called out the so-called opinion hosts on Fox News, here it is.

Chris Wallace:                      You know, I know there are some people who don’t think that the, this March 27th letter a is a big deal. And you know, some opinion people, some opinion, people who appear on this network who may be pushing a political agenda, but you know, we have to deal in facts. And the fact is that this letter from the special counsel and it was one of at least three contacts with the attorney general between March 25th and March 27th was a clear indication that the attorney general was upset, very upset with the letter of that bed and sat out by the attorney general and wanted a change or wanted at least added to. And the attorney general refused to do so.

Farron Cousins:                   So again, this is one of the first times we’ve seen these Fox News hosts willing to take this behind the scenes fight on the air. But that is exactly what Chris Wallace did right there. And he did it obviously on a show that isn’t afraid to take shots at Donald Trump that isn’t afraid to call out the administration’s lies. And if needed, you know, isn’t afraid to correct. Some of the crap that the other on air hosts have to say. Now, this happened Wednesday. So far we haven’t seen any kind of big retribution against Chris Wallace, but I expect it’s going to come because people like Hannity and Tucker and Ingraham and Bartiroma, they’re not going to sit by and let this guy, Chris Wallace called them out like that. Now that it’s out there in the ether. Now that we’ve seen the obvious resentment that the different groups at Fox News have for one another, things are going to get a lot uglier, but I have to tell Ya, I am 100% here for that. This network has absolutely poisoned the public discourse for decades, and I would love to watch them implode live on the air. That to me, that’s definitely something on my bucket list that I really need to watch happen.

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