Officials in the White House are on pins and needles waiting for the release of the Mueller Report on Thursday, and they are all hoping that Attorney General William Barr blacked out their names before it is released. Apparently a good number of them ratted on Trump for various things and now they are worried he’ll know what they said. Ring of Fire’s Farron Cousins discusses this.


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According to new reports, White House staffers and officials are currently freaking out and they’re freaking out because tomorrow, Thursday we are supposed to get our glimpse of the heavily redacted Mueller report. Now, they’re not upset that the reports being made public, they’re upset that their names may still be in it. The report says there is quote, breakdown level anxiety among current and former White House officials because they were told to cooperate with the Mueller investigation and they did exactly that and now they’re worried that the president’s going to know that they ratted him out. That’s what’s happening in the White House with the current, uh, officials, with former officials. Everybody is afraid that Trump is going to know that they were the person who gave information about obstruction of justice. That’s actually what the report says the anxiety is about right now. It has nothing to do with Russia stuff.

This is only obstruction of justice because that is actually something that these people could have witnessed if it did in fact happen, which according to Mueller it happened, he’s going to leave it up to DOJ to prosecute, should have been left to Congress to come with charges on that. But we all know what’s happening and we all know that that still could happen as long as intent is able to be proven. That’s the key. Can’t have obstruction if you don’t have intent, but these people may have told Muller and his investigators about that intent and they’re worried that their name may be the one associated with charges that congressional Democrats bring against the president for obstruction of justice. They’re worried that it might be their name attached to the damning material that ends the Trump administration as we know it, and then they will forever be a target of Donald Trump.

They’ve seen what he does, the people on Twitter, it’s ugly, it’s disgusting, it’s unprofessional and it’s unbecoming behavior of a sitting United States president. But he does it anyway because he doesn’t care and these people don’t want to live. The rest of their lives with a 70 plus year old bully attacking them on Twitter every single day. And even though this report is going to be heavily redacted, some experts are saying it could be up to 50% redacted. They still believe that even if their name is blacked out and the president doesn’t know it was them, he could figure it out because they were the only person who witnessed that particular situation and he would know it was them at that point. Now they’re giving the president a lot more credit than I would because I don’t think he’s smart enough to remember when he was in the room alone with a single person or what that person’s name was.

Hell, he can’t even remember where, what country his father was born in. So I seriously doubt he’s going to remember a passing staffer who caught a conversation one blissful afternoon. I don’t think it’s going to happen, but if those names are visible, then yes, I understand their concern. But I also think these officials need to understand that, yeah, Trump might bully you, but trust me, if you’re the one that takes down this administration, most of this country is going to treat you like a hero for the rest of your days. You can block that idiot on Twitter and all the other idiots on there, or hell, you could just get off Twitter all together, but the praise you would get from the rest of the country would more than make up for not being able to go back on that Twitter hellscape to see the horrible things people are saying about you.

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