Ann Coulter is in one of her “down” phases where she hates everything about Donald Trump, and she’s hoping to turn her current mood into a win for Democrats. Coulter recently told Democrats via Twitter that they need to hammer the fact that he hasn’t kept any of his campaign promises for their 2020 campaigns, and she believes this is a sure-fire way to get his base to turn on him. Ring of Fire’s Farron Cousins explains what’s actually happening.


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Ann coulter is currently in one of her down phases where she hates Donald Trump, but don’t worry, I’m sure soon enough she’s going to be back on a high loving everything that this man does, but while she’s in the middle of that valley right now, she is offering some good advice to Democrats running for president. In 2020 Monday on Twitter and Coulter offered a great piece of advice to Democrats who were a little bit down about the Mueller report. Here is what she said. Hey Liberals, hot tip for you. You want to go after Trump pointed out he hasn’t kept any of his promises. What Ann Coulter’s talking about obviously is that the wall doesn’t exist. Trump keeps telling us it’s under construction. He swears he’s going to get the, I think it’s what, 8 billion now he needs instead of 5 billion up from 3 billion, he’s gay. He’s gonna get his money.

Don’t worry, the wall’s going to happen. Totally not lying about this to drum up votes. And Coulter, I think is smart enough to know that Trump is absolutely lying about the wall. Now she’s even admitted that she fell for the con of Donald Trump building the wall during the campaign. And she knows it’s not going to happen. Now it’s so she wants Democrats to go out there and pander to the alt right and tell them this guy you, he told you he was going to keep out all the brown people, but they’re still coming in. Are you really going to support that guy in 2020 that’s what Ann Coulter wants Democrats to go out there to do because this is exactly what Ann Coulter wants. It’s not about curtailing immigration per se. It’s not about, oh, they’re coming over here and hurting our economy. No. And Coulter doesn’t like non white people and she doesn’t want them coming in.

And the same can be said above a lot of the alt right. That’s why you had people like David Duke come out and endorse Donald Trump. It’s very thinly veiled racism, but it’s racism nonetheless. And that’s why they want the wall. So we had culture thinks that if the Democrats just go out there and try to appeal to those folks, they may have a shot at beating Trump in 2020. Um, appreciate the help and Coulter. But I think most of the Democratic candidates for president right now, we’re doing pretty good. We don’t need your help. We don’t want to pander to your base. And if it means sucking up to those people in order to win an election, I think most of us would rather just lose because we’re not going to sell our souls. We’re not going to completely sell out and pander to the alt right just to get Trump out of office. We have more important issues to run on. We have better plans that are being proposed then telling people, don’t vote for Trump because you didn’t get your wall.

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