Michael Cohen has filed a lawsuit against the Trump organization, alleging that the organization violated their indemnification clause by refusing to pay Michael Cohen’s legal fees. According to Cohen, Trump’s businesses were supposed to pay any and all legal fees related to work that he did for him, and if he broke the law at their order, they should be paying the bills. Ring of Fire’s Farron Cousins explains what’s happening.


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Last week. Michael Cohen, Donald Trump’s former lawyer slash fixer filed a lawsuit against the Trump Organization for their failure to pay Michael Cohen’s legal bills. Now, here’s the basis for Michael Cohen suit. He claims that under the indemnification clause that he had with the Trump Organization, should he get into any legal trouble for anything that he did on behalf of Donald Trump or the organization, they would foot 100% of his legal bills and as Michael Cohen claims, everything that he did was for Donald Trump or for the company. Therefore, all of his legal bills, which are getting pretty Dang high at this point, those should fall onto the shoulders of the Trump Organization. They have to pay. We had a contract. Donald Trump loves contracts. He loves to try to enforce them and yet when it comes to not benefiting him, he’s the first one to try to get out of it. You see, the Trump Organization is 100% liable for these legal bills that Michael Cohen is a amassing at the moment.

He did this for them. Yes, I know. He also did it for himself and there’s a few of his legal bills that do not relate to work performed for the Trump administration, or excuse me, organization, but the rest of those legal bills, the investigation’s happening in New York that’s on the Trump Organization and if this particular lawsuit were to go to trial, which is what I’m hoping happens, we’re going to find out a lot more about what Michael Cohen’s specifically did for the Trump Organization because after all, if he’s trying to say that his legal bills are a result of work he did for the organization, he’s going to have to prove it and that’s going to be one hell of a discovery process. We’re going to find out everything that he did for the organization that got him into legal trouble, which is why I believe we’re probably not going to see the Trump Organization try to fight this out in court.

At least not if their lawyers have any kind of competency whatsoever because they understand how bad this will be for the organization and for the president. The discovery process is going to uncover a lot of things that they have hope to keep hidden for years, but at this point, it really is only a matter of time between the Mueller investigation between Michael Cohen’s cooperation and between the current investigations taking place in the southern district of New York. It’s unlikely that the Trump administration and organization is going to be able to keep everything secret forever. At this point, it’s damage control and it’s delay. That’s about all they have left to prevent all of their dirty secrets from becoming public knowledge. Michael Cohen’s lawsuit here may just speed that process along just a little bit.

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