The corporate controlled media just can’t say enough nice things about white people, even when they kill scores of American citizens. Ring of Fire’s Mike Papantonio and Farron Cousins discuss this issue.


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Mike Papantonio:            Oh look, the corporate controlled media just can’t say enough nice things about white people. Even when they kill scores of American citizens. Listen to CNN, a great example, since we’ve been talking about them. The media has a massive racism problem and they seem completely unaware of the double standard in their coverage. Now this story came up, you know I had to read it a couple of times to really appreciate the impact of what’s being said here. But Alternet carried this story and they said basically that the media is far more generous to white killers than they are to black victims. We of course go back to Trayvon Martin-

Farron Cousins:            Right.

Mike Papantonio:            … we can see that pretty clearly. What is your take on this story?

Farron Cousins:            Well, speaking of Trayvon Martin, somebody last week after you had this Mark Conditt, this young white guy sending all the bombs around Austin, Texas-

Mike Papantonio:            Yeah.

Farron Cousins:            … the New York Times had a headline that said bomber was described as shy and nerdy, and from a Godly family. They trans-

Mike Papantonio:            Those were the words, weren’t they?

Farron Cousins:            Yeah, yeah.

Mike Papantonio:            Shy, nerdy, from a Godly family, quiet. I wrote the words- I wrote them, it was almost like they were describing this childlike character who wasn’t responsible for what he did.

Farron Cousins:            Right, and then somebody had taken that headline and put it right next to a headline from the New York Times after Trayvon Martin was murdered that said Trayvon Martin had been suspended from school for marijuana.

Mike Papantonio:            Yeah.

Farron Cousins:            I mean, you remember that? I mean you-

Mike Papantonio:            Well no, I also remember …

Farron Cousins:            … all the time and they would stop at nothing, they would show these horrid pictures of Trayvon Martin trying to make him look like this criminal-

Mike Papantonio:            Like a thug.

Farron Cousins:            Yeah, when he was the one who was murdered, and now a white serial killer comes out.

Mike Papantonio:            Yeah.

Farron Cousins:            And they say well, he’s- poor guy, he had a close knit family, he was homeschooled.

Mike Papantonio:            Yeah.

Farron Cousins:            Oh, he’s just a misunderstood little psychopath.

Mike Papantonio:            You know Mark O’Mara, the defense lawyer for Trayvon Martin, I mean for …

Farron Cousins:            Zimmerman.

Mike Papantonio:            … Zimmerman, is a good friend of mine and as this case was taking place, every time he would see a headline like that, he would understand that’s working as a way to free Zimmerman. And that’s exactly what happened. But with Trayvon Martin it wasn’t just they made him look like a thug, they showed him with this T-shirt that says weeds, fight, and guns. You remember that?

Farron Cousins:            Yeah.

Mike Papantonio:            And so it was all that same picture. There’s probably a lot to this that probably needs a little more exploring.

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