Donald Trump’s lawyer Rudy Giuliani insists that his client is DONE answering questions from special prosecutor Robert Mueller, and they will not be submitting anything else to his office. Does this mean that Mueller can wrap up the investigation with the information that he has, or is this only going to draw out the process even longer? Ring of Fire’s Farron Cousins explains the possibilities here and why none of them will work out in Trump’s favor.


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Rudy Giuliani has flipped flopped once again and insist that Donald Trump is 100 percent done answering any questions from special prosecutor Robert Mueller a couple of weeks ago. Rudy Giuliani told us that Trump would answer more questions over his dead body and he’s not dead yet. And then two days after that interview he told Axios that maybe he’ll answer some more questions via writing. Who knows? I mean, crazy times. We live in. Well, then he told the hill tv this week that absolutely under no circumstances is Trump going to answer any more questions. So here’s where we’re at right now in terms of Donald Trump talking with Robert Mueller.

Essentially, if Giuliani is to believe, to be believed based on what he said the other day, not going to happen. So here are the possible outcomes. At this point. Robert Mueller could, if he felt the need to do so, uh, issue a subpoena compelled Donald Trump to testify, Trump would refuse, that would likely get appealed all the way to the supreme court. And then we’re looking at some kind of constitutional crisis, possibly where the supreme court could give the president immunity, or they could absolutely say, nope, you’re going to go talk to him when Trump would then again refused and that would, that would lead to the constitutional crisis. Hopefully that scenario doesn’t play itself out. And to be honest, I don’t think it’s going to.

What’s much more likely to happen at this point is Robert Mueller is just going to say, okay, I don’t necessarily need you to. I was hoping you would maybe see where you stand on some of these issues. But really at this point, Robert Mueller is not talking to Donald Trump or at least wanting to talk to Donald Trump because he wants information from him. He wants to see where his story stacks up compared to all of the other stories that he’s heard from everyone else. He wants to know if Donald Trump is going to sit down with them and be honest and open and completely truthful, or if he’s going to lie his ass off like we all predicted would like Rudy Giuliani basically said he would. And then we can also bust him on perjury, but without that we still have plenty of opportunities to bust him on perjury after all, they have already submitted one set of written questions to Robert Mueller.

So again, I think Mueller has all that he needs. So then that begs the question, is this the beginning of the end or will this fight with Donald Trump not answering any more questions result in an even longer investigation? Again, not sure it’s going to make it longer. I think Robert Mueller again knows what he knows, has what he needs and only wanted to sit down with Donald Trump as more of a to see where his story stacks up against everybody else’s. But here’s the thing, and this actually might be the only thing Rudy Giuliani has done that a decent, not good, but decent lawyer would also do. And that is by not sitting down to answer more questions with Robert Mueller, it’s going to at least give them a little bit of clearance when that final report comes out to say, oh, well he never talked to us about this. We could have easily refuted it. You’d have to be a complete idiot to buy into that, but then again, have you seen some of the folks that support the president still?

They’re going to believe it and that’s what Giuliani is hedging his bets on at the moment. He thinks that by not answering any more questions, that will give them enough of a space to say, well, we didn’t get to answer those questions. We didn’t to weren’t presented with those. We didn’t have the opportunity and enough of the Trump base is going to believe it. Unfortunately, that Trump base is a very small portion of the entire American public. Basically they’re going to side with Robert Mueller. They’re going to read the report, figure out what happened, and then base that against what Rudy Giuliani who has been a serial liar through all of this has to say, and at the end of it, regardless of the outcome here, you know, whichever one of these scenarios turns out to be true, none of them end well for the president of the United States or his grossly incompetent lawyer, Rudy Giuliani.

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