We received a Twitter question from Philip Martin who asked: “If the Democrats take control of Congress next year, do you think Trump would accuse them of cheating?” Ring of Fire’s Farron Cousins discuss this issue.

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Next question is from Philip Martin, who asks, “If the Democrats take control of Congress next year, do you think Trump would accuse them of cheating?” He already is. Donald Trump is already laying the foundation to say that the Democrats did not legitimately win the midterms this year, and we haven’t even had the midterms yet. Democrats haven’t won anything yet, but he’s out there trying to tell us that, much like this caravan of illegal immigrants coming across the southern border eventually, maybe, we’ve got illegal people voting. That’s why these voter purges are necessary, and if the Democrats win, it’s probably because they cheated. Go through the man’s Twitter feed over the last 72 hours, and you’re going to see him hinting at this all along the way, trying to de-legitimize any victory that the Democrats may pull in in this year’s midterms, because he understands it’s a rebuke on him.

If the Democrats win in November, it is a direct rebuke of Donald Trump, and he can’t have that. He can’t have that massive blow to his ego, so he has to kind of set this thing up in a way that shows that no, no, no. The Democrats didn’t actually win, much like with the popular vote in 2016. He still believes to this day that three to five million illegal votes were cast in favor of Hillary Clinton, and that’s why he lost the popular vote by a little over three million. That’s not true. They couldn’t find voter fraud. They admitted in their internal documents that they couldn’t find voter fraud, and they knew the whole thing was a sham, but they did it anyway to please Donald Trump, and even though the results showed that there was no fraud, he still wants to hang onto that talking point because it’s the only thing he knows. He knows Republicans are in for a bad November, so he is laying the groundwork today to go ahead and write off those losses, because if he doesn’t, he may actually have to eventually look in the mirror and say, “You know what? Maybe I am to blame for this.” And that’s not something that Donald Trump would ever be willing to do.

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