According to a new report from the DEA, veterinarians are reporting an increase in instances of people abusing their pets in order to get opioid prescriptions for their animals and then take the pills themselves. This is a crisis that was created by Big Pharma and their corporate pill pushers, and this is just the latest step in these addicts’ quest for more pills. Ring of Fire’s Farron Cousins discusses this.


A disgusting new trend is taking place here in the United States for people seeking opioid prescriptions. According to the Drug Enforcement Agency the number of people going to veterinarian’s offices and reporting that their animal has been injured in order to seek a prescription of opioid pills for that animal has increased in this country and is getting worse every month.

Here’s what’s happening, people are intentionally abusing their pets, taking them then to the doctor, the veterinarian, and getting the pet a prescription for opioid. Which the owner of the pet then takes. They then take the pet to a different vets office and do the same thing so they can stock up on their opioid medications.

One woman specifically in Kentucky got arrested for this, got four years in jail for it. She was going around to different vets offices in her city. She had taken her dog and actually sliced it up with razor blades. When she went to the vets office, said that he had been in a fight. Got opioid prescriptions from vet number one, vet number two, vet number three because when it comes to animals like this, there’s not some kind of big database like there is for American citizens.

If you were to go doctor shopping, kind of like what Rush Limbaugh did back in the day, your name would get flagged. Pharmacies would be able to see that, doctors would be able to see that. But it’s not the same with veterinarians and that is why people are now using this as a means to score these opioid pills. Last year more people died in the United States from opioid overdoses then they did from both guns and car accidents. More deaths from opioid than either of those two major killers here in the United States.

This is quickly becoming one of the highest number of deaths with the most preventable cause. But, because of the pharmaceutical companies and the drug pushers, the distributors, everyone involved in the supply chain of these opioid pills, they knew they were getting people hooked on these medicines, they knew that people would keep coming back and coming back, and coming back, all they had to do was keep the prescriptions flowing and the pills going.

That is exactly what they did but now, now that there’s a crackdown on them. We’re finally trying to do something as a country about this epidemic, people who are addicted are now having to go to other means to get their fix. Abusing their own animals, their pets in order to get prescriptions from veterinarians. That is how low we have sunk as a country and it is 100% because of these corporate pill pushers who knew that these opioid pills were addictive as hell, yet did nothing to warn us about the dangers.

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