The major humanitarian crisis unfolding in the United States doesn’t appear to be lessening, as new reports about the deplorable treatment of separated migrant children show that these kids are being drugged against their will and they are being strip searched upon arrival to the detention centers. The administration’s plan to reunite these children with their parents seems to be nonexistent, which only adds to the problems. Ring of Fire’s Farron Cousins discusses this.


In case you weren’t aware, there are still migrant children here in the United States that have been separated from their parents for months. They have not been reunited as it stands right now. The administration doesn’t have a very real, clear plan to reunite them with their parents. But more importantly, these children are undergoing systemic abuse at the detention centers in which they are being held. This is a story that has not gone away, even though most people have kind of moved on and stopped reporting on it, considering the fact that the administration said they were no longer going to do this process, but that hasn’t helped to reunite a lot of the children.

Here’s a short list actually of some of the abuse that these children are undergoing at the hands of the people working these detention facilities. Children as young as 14 have been stripped naked, shackled, strapped to chairs, their heads encased in bags, left for days or longer in solitary confinement, and in some cases, beaten and bruised. That doesn’t even begin to tell the entire story of what’s happening to these children.

We know for a fact that last week, one child shortly after leaving one of these detention facilities died. We know that there have been multiple reports of sexual assault taking place at the hands of the guards on the children themselves. This is a real humanitarian crisis happening in the United States, within our borders, with children who in many cases don’t even speak the same language that these guards speak.

What’s truly disgusting about this story, aside from the abuse, aside from the fact that there’s no plan to get them back to their parents, is the fact that this isn’t something that everybody is talking about every single day. It should be.

Right now, this, not the midterms, not the investigation, not the Manafort trial, and certainly not his tweets, this is the biggest story happening in America today. Everyone needs to be aware of this. Everyone needs to be talking about it. The only reason why Trump even ended the policy of family separation or at least said he would was because everyone was talking about it and everyone was getting angry.

Well, now, now that people have kind of moved on, they’re not as focused on this, even worse abuses are taking place. These children are having their lives destroyed not just by being separated from their families, but by undergoing what is quite literally torture in these detention facilities. This is the biggest story in this country right now. We are torturing people within the borders of the United States.

It’s bad enough when we were torturing people down in GTMO or over in Iraq, but now we’re just doing it here, and we’re doing it to children. Children who came into this country, almost all of them without any say in the matter, they were kind of dragged along for the ride, now they’re being sexually assaulted, they’re being stripped naked and humiliated, they’re being denied water as a form of punishment. They’re being given psychotropic drugs to basically put them in what they’re calling these chemical straight jackets to make the kids a little more compliant and easier to deal with. I’m certain that, that probably also makes them a little less likely to fight back in the event one of these psychopathic guards wants to rape them.

This is what’s happening in the United States today. Again, this is the biggest story in this country right now and it should continue to be the biggest story until every single child is reunited with their parents, and those who commit these atrocities are held accountable for what they’ve done.

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