Sinclair Broadcasting Group has forced their local news channels to run a softball interview with Sarah Huckabee Sanders in an attempt to paint her in a more “human” light. Sinclair owns stations that reach more than 72% of Americans, and they have become the official corporate mouthpiece of the Trump administration. Ring of Fire’s Farron Cousins discusses this.


Recently the Sinclair Broadcast Group, which owns the local news stations that reach about 72% of people in this country, forced their news organizations to run a Bottom Line with Boris segment where he gave a softball interview to Sarah Huckabee Sanders and basically just let her rail on how horrible the media and Liberals are to her without ever having to address the fact that she’s actually a horrible human being.

Here’s a brief clip that these networks were forced to air.

Boris: The way many in the media treat White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders is disrespectful and despicable. Here’s what she told me about her relationship with the press.

What would you say the reason is for some of the overarching and really over-the-line heat that you have faced from some folks, sometimes very personal? What is the root, you think, of some of the treatment you’ve received?

Sarah Sanders: I think some people, Democrats in particular, at some point they’re going to have to decide if they love our country more than they hate this president. And I hope that they’ll make the right decision in that process.

But there’s certainly a lot of anger and a lot of hostility and I think in large part it’s because they’ve got somebody like President Trump, who always beats them at their own game. He always overcomes the things that they say are not possible. They said he’d never run for president. He did. They said he’d never win. He did. They said he’d couldn’t get tax cuts done, he did. They said that the economy would completely crash. It’s the best it’s been since World War II. Every single time that they try to tell him he can’t do something or that really bad things are going to happen he proves them wrong, and I don’t think that they like that a lot.

Boris: What is something that people at home may not know about you that they’re not seeing when you’re sparring with the media or representing the president?

Sarah Sanders: That maybe that I’m a little nicer than sometimes,

Boris: I think you’re very nice.

Sarah Sanders: … The media wants to make me out to be. Again, I’m a pretty, I think, happy person. I love life. And I’m a lot nicer, I think, than they make me out to be in the press.

All right. So keep in mind again, these networks that Sinclair owns, 72% of the local news stations in this country were forced to air this segment. It’s what they call a must-run segment. There’s been a lot of talk about those. Recently Sinclair is tightening their grip on their little local news channels so they’re trying to force them to run this pro-Trump administration, pro-Sarah Huckabee Sanders propaganda because that is exactly what that clip is all about. It’s actually a two-part interview they did with her. One part aired June 21st. The other aired June 25th and at least 21 different states so far have aired this clip. Others plan on doing it in the very near future.

Sarah Huckabee Sanders is not the kind of person that needs to be normalized. She is the kind of person that really deserves to sit down to a very combative interview to explain her behavior as the White House Press Secretary. We know that she lies constantly. Hell, even Fox News has been forced to admit that this woman cannot stop lying. For Sinclair to go out there and try to paint the liberal media as the enemy of Sarah Huckabee Sanders, no, the enemy of Sarah Huckabee Sanders is reality. The truth is her greatest enemy. It’s not the media. It’s not the people calling around. It’s not the restaurant that politely asked her to leave. It’s the people who understand the facts. Sarah Huckabee Sanders lies to us for a living and the worst part is we’re the ones paying her salary to do it.

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