Another new study has confirmed what previous studies had already concluded, and that is that hate crimes in the United States are rising dramatically under Donald Trump. Trump has normalized hateful behavior and rhetoric, and his base is using the President’s actions as an excuse to do the same. Ring of Fire’s Farron Cousins explains.


We have yet another study that has come out proving that since Donald Trump on the national stage and officially became the Republican nominee for president, hate crimes in the United States have risen by about 5%. Now this is one of the largest increases that we have seen in the United States since hate crimes started first being report back in the 1990s. Now I know you think 5% doesn’t sound like a whole hell of a lot, but 5% is the increase overall of the United States. In most big cities in this country, hate crimes have risen by double digits.

For example, in Washington, DC, 62% increase in hate crimes in the United States. 20% increase in Chicago. 24% increase in New York City. The list goes on and on. In fact, the only major city that didn’t see an increase in hate crimes was Houston, Texas, which as we all know, was just devastated by Hurricane Harvey.

The researchers with this study along with other studies that have come out of groups, like the Southern Poverty Law Center, have directly linked this increase in hate crimes to the violent and hateful rhetoric coming out of Donald Trump and the White House.

It’s even more ironic that this report were to hit right now considering the fact that Donald Trump is still out there spewing his “both sides” talk with regards to what happened in Charlottesville. Charlottesville, a white supremacist got in his car and killed a counter-protester and yet, Donald Trump wants to say that there are problems with both sides. They want to tell us that Antifa is out there causing all this violence. They’re horrible. They’re terrorists, according to Fox News. Really? Why don’t you take the time to pick up one of these reports and actually look and see what’s happening in this world. Happening in your own city, where your news organization is headquartered. Happening in the city where your presidency is taking place, Mr. Trump.

This is not a “both sides” issue. This is a white supremacist increasing violence issue. Stop saying that the other side shares some of the blame on this. Is everything they’re doing commendable? Absolutely not. Are they doing bad things? Yes. Are they doing as many bad things or are they doing things to the extent that the white supremacists are doing? Absolutely not.

It’s the white supremacists. The bigots. The people filled with hatred for other human beings because of how they look or because of who they’re sexually attracted. That’s the problem in this country and Donald Trump has made it worse. Fox News is making it worse. Every report that has come out since Donald Trump burst onto the national scene has proved that, without a doubt.

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