GOP strategist Ana Navarro has finally had enough of Donald Trump’s nonstop lying, and during a recent media appearance she compared the president to a used car salesperson who just keeps making things up to make a sale. Trump’s lies are certainly growing out of control, but he doesn’t appear to be pulling back any time soon. Ring of Fire’s Farron Cousins discusses this.

Transcript of the above video:

It seems that not only are average American citizens getting tired of Donald Trumps’ constant lying, but even some Republican strategists have hit the point where they cannot take one more lie from the President of the United States. Recently, during an interview on CNN, GOP strategist Anna Navarro just finally snapped and said, somebody has to tell the President that you’re no longer the host of the Celebrity Apprentice. Somebody has to tell the President that you’re not a used car salesman, you are in fact the President of the United States. So for the love of God, stop lying to the public.

No it’s no secret that Donald Trump in recent weeks has seen his poll numbers continue to fall. Report after report has come out showing that he is losing support among his Republican base, everywhere except the American South. And so, Donald Trump is losing all of the love and support that he had during the campaign. And one of the main reasons, is because he is telling so many lies. And not just that he’s lying, George W. Bush lied all the time, it’s that he’s lying about things that one, don’t matter and two, things that are easily verifiably false. Like, saying that his crowded inauguration was bigger than Barack Obama’s.

Well, the pictures prove that wrong, but that didn’t stop him from literally spending millions of tax payer dollars to launch an investigation to see if those pictures were doctored. Turns out they weren’t. He lied about Obama wire-tapping him, he lied about the calls from the Boy Scouts and the Mexican President. He’s lied about so many things that we know are not true, yet he does it with impunity. He honestly believes those things happened whether it’s some form of dementia, or it’s just because he is such a pathological liar that he is that disconnected from reality. Either way, very bad for the United States.

And it’s finally to the point where GOP strategists like Anna Navarro, who is anything other than a hardcore Conservative. They’re tired of it. They cannot continue to defend the President’s words and actions when they know that the American public knows the truth. And again, I like to compare it to the Bush years, because that was the closest thing we had to a comparison. And even then though, we knew they were lies but Republican strategists, Republican pundits and talking heads still went out there every day, repeated the lies because they were hard to prove false. With Trump, they don’t have that luxury anymore.

Eventually, they all have to face reality and admit yeah, you know what? Trump wasn’t completely honest about that. We’ve seen it from Sarah Huckabee Sanders and Trump’s own staff. There comes a point when everybody eventually is going to break and finally admit, you know what? I can’t keep defending these lies, this is getting outrageous. This man, our President of the United States has some serious mental issues and probably shouldn’t be serving in this office anymore. Mark my words, eventually we’re gonna start seeing some high up Republicans come out and say things, if not exactly that quote, then something very similar.

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