Twitter seems just as fed up with Donald Trump’s antics as the rest of the country, and after he Tweeted out a note of “thanks” to a fake Pro-Trump account, Twitter responded by not only suspending that fake account, but countless others. Twitter is hoping to crack down on bots and fake accounts, which could severely hurt the President’s following on the social media network. Ring of Fire’s Farron Cousins discusses this.

Transcript of the above video:

A very interesting story played itself out over this weekend and over the last few days involving the Twitter account @protrump45. See, Donald Trump retweeted that account. Tweeted out a “thank you” actually after @protrump45 tweeted something positive about the president. Well as it turns out, @protrump45 only tweets out positive memes about President Trump. They’re also linked to the website, After a little digging, journalists found out that the account is really just a bot. The woman whose picture is on the account … I believe her name is Nicole Mincey is a real human being and that really is her in the photo. Unfortunately, it was a stock photo. That wasn’t actually her account, even though her name was on it. According to Mincey herself, her identity had been stolen and used to create this pro Donald Trump account.

It’s not just Donald Trump’s weekend retweet of this account that’s getting attention. Months ago, The Daily Caller actually did a profile on @protrump45 and told the story of how she grew up very, very poor, but as an African American, decided to vote for Donald Trump after seeing how horrible Barack Obama was for the African American community. Again, The Daily Caller did a profile on a person who doesn’t exist. They were played. They did not interview the real Nicole Mincey because she is not associated with that account or with that website. Twitter responded by suspending the @protrump45 Twitter account and they have suspended countless other accounts that were associated with the @protrump45 website, which means that those people constantly out there, replying to every Donald Trump tweet with 20 or 30 different memes in separate tweets supporting him, most of them are likely fake.

In fact, a recent analysis found that only 55% of Donald Trump’s actual Twitter followers could in fact be verified as real human beings, which means that as many as 15 million of Donald Trump’s Twitter followers might be fake. Trump himself, a guy who’s all about image, all about appearance, all about how much people love him, if he honestly knew that those numbers he sees when he logs into Twitter aren’t actually real, that might just devastate his fragile little ego, but he’ll never accept it either. According to him, any report talking about people not liking him is fake news. He won’t accept this fact, but right now we can at least rest assured that Twitter is doing a little bit of due diligence here and trying to get rid of these pro Trump bots, who are literally stealing the identities of real human beings who want nothing to do with it and suspending those accounts and hopefully at the end of the day, they’re going to end up deleting those accounts permanently and showing Donald Trump that he really doesn’t have as much support in this country as he thinks he does.

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