According to reports, the legal team for Donald Trump is getting fed up with the fact that the man refuses to listen to their expert advice, and when they tell him not to do something, he turns around and Tweets out things that they don’t want him to.  Trump is his own worst enemy, and he’ll be the one that sinks his own administration. Ring of Fire’s Farron Cousins discusses this.


According to sources within the White House, based on a new Politico story, Trump’s legal team is getting superangry about the fact that he will not listen to any of their legal advice. In fact, sources within the White House say that lawyers will go up to Trump, say, “Don’t do this. Don’t do that. Don’t do this,” and then, he goes and tweets something stupid at the media, trying to refute the Russia story, and then, they have to have the exact same conversation with him over and over. The sources claim that Trump’s lawyers are getting so mad with his tweeting because they are afraid he is going to further incriminate himself into some of the ongoing investigations.

To me, that is just the greatest part of this entire story. Donald Trump is his own worst enemy, and that’s not just people who don’t like Trump saying that. That’s the people who are hired to defend him from these investigations, who are telling him, “For the love of God, stop tweeting. You’re going to get yourself in so much trouble.” Of course, Donald Trump, being the narcissistic know-it-all that he is, thinks that he knows better than people who went to law school, and have spent their careers defending criminals, and trying to get them out of prison. He thinks he knows better, and that’s why he’s not listening.

You can’t rein in personality type like that. It is a psychological construct within his brain that tells him that he is better and smarter than everyone else. No one can tell him what to do. Again, that’s not necessarily an attack on Donald Trump. That is what that particular personality type … those are the symptoms of it. Yes, what Donald Trump is exhibiting are considered symptoms, not personality traits. They’re symptoms of an illness and this poor legal team, who I actually do have a little bit of sympathy for, is sitting there day after day trying to tell him, “To keep your mouth shut. Put your hands in your pockets and don’t touch your phone. If you do that, we might be able to help you.” But this man is so narcissistic, so arrogant that he thinks he can tweet his way out of these investigations, and if he continues it, even his lawyers are not going to be able to defend his actions much longer.

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