Fox News host Jesse Watters decided that he’s had enough of the Democrats going after the affluent, so he launched into an error-filled rant about how evil Democrats are and how they are trying to start a “coup against the wealthy.” This man needs to calm himself down and understand that people in this country ARE suffering from political attacks, but those people aren’t wealthy. Ring of Fire’s Farron Cousins discusses this.

Transcript of the above video:

Jesse Waters, the protégé who took over for Bill O’Reilly and trained under Bill O’Reilly, decided to use his voice on Fox News’ The Five to tell us exactly what democrats across this country are really trying to do with the Trump administration. Take a look.

Jesse Waters: Well, let me just butt in for one second here. I’m very sick of the left calling the Trump family “unpatriotic.” They’re now the McCarthyites. Let’s remember what party defeated the Soviet Union while the Democratic Party was trying to appease and mimic Communism. Democrats have been cozying up to dictators and our enemies for years-

Fox Host: Still doing it.

Jesse Waters: Giving Iranians billions of dollars, giving the North Koreans billions of dollars-

Fox Host: Oh, yeah.

Jesse Waters: Shaking Hugo Chavez’s hand, shaking Castro’s hand. The Clintons were taking money from Chinese nationals in the 1996 re-election campaign and then selling satellite technology to the Chinese that enabled their missile program to blow up. The media colluded with the Democrats, letting Hillary cheat during the debates. President Obama, palling around with domestic terrorists.

Fox Host: Bel Air.

Jesse Waters: Sitting in the same church as an American-hating preacher.

Fox Host: Yeah.

Fox Host: Reverend Wright.

Jesse Waters: Democrats undermining the military.

Juan: Let me just say, this is too much. [crosstalk]

Jesse Waters: Giving birth to ISIS. Lying about a terrorist attack.

Juan: Let me just, stop. Stop. Stop.

Jesse Waters: No. No. Let me finish, Juan. [crosstalk].

Juan: How much can we take?

Jesse Waters: Donald Trump’s family has done more for this country than any Democrat elected official.

Juan: Yeah. Really?

Jesse Waters: He’s provided more jobs-

Juan: Terrible.

Jesse Waters: In the real estate industry-

Juan: Terrible.

Jesse Waters: In the fashion industry.

Juan: John F. Kennedy, he wasn’t a Democrat.

Jesse Waters: In the hotel and casino industry.

Juan: Lyndon Johnson, Bill Clinton.

Jesse Waters: He’s created more wealth than anybody in this entire country.

Juan: So, if Greg is back-pedaling. [crosstalk]

Jesse Waters: So, to smear them as mafia or unpatriotic is absolutely shameful and I think everybody needs to wake up and realize this family is a patriotic family.

Juan: Oh, yeah.

Jesse Waters: And what’s happening right now is a coup.

Fox Host: They are.

Juan: Oh, boy.

Jesse Waters: Against the will of the American people.

Fox Host: Nobody-

Juan: So, Greg, is back-pedaling. You are skating. And you’re skating fast to try to get away from what’s going on.

Jesse Waters: I’m doing figure eights around you, Juan.

Juan: You’re doing figure eights around Donald Trump. [crosstalk]

Fox Host: Megan.

That’s right, folks. In the middle of all of that nonsensical ranting, Jesse Waters tells us that the liberals, the democrats, those leftists, are trying to start a coup against the wealthy, as if somehow we just really, really hate those folks and we’ve got to do something to take them down. Because that’s what a coup is, you idiot.

Nobody necessarily has any hard feelings against somebody just because they are wealthy. The problem that liberals, and progressives, and democrats, and even most republicans have is that this country only seems to cater to the wealthy. They don’t care about what happens to everyone else in this country as long as those wealthy donors, be they republican or democrat, are taken care of. At this point, money in politics, the influence of the wealthy, is no longer a left or right issue. It affects both parties, and affect is probably the wrong word. It infects both parties. Both republicans and democrats are wholly owned by the wealthy elite in this country and Jesse Waters doesn’t want to accept that.

Why? Because he’s probably among them with his cushy Fox News contract. He lives in an area where he doesn’t have to deal with the poverty, with the low wages, with the jobs being shipped overseas. He doesn’t have to see that on a daily basis from his cushy little Fox News studio. He doesn’t understand why people in this country might be a little upset when we see republicans working on a health care plan that has less to do with healthcare and more to do with cutting the taxes for the wealthy. That’s what the problem is.

The problem with Donald Trump that most people have is not the fact that he’s wealthy. It’s one, that he’s using his office of the presidency to get even wealthier, but two, and this is probably the more important one, he’s destroying our country. He is possibly colluding with foreign agents to undermine US democracy, which is borderline treason. His son came out this week and incriminated himself. More revelations are coming out from that particular meeting. Now we find out there was a former Russian intelligence expert at that particular meeting. So, no, Jesse, this isn’t a coup against the wealthy. It’s not liberals just being pissy that they lost the election. It’s about the loss of our country.

Not just with the Russia thing, but with the fact that this country, our government doesn’t care about us. If we don’t make more than $3 million a year and fall into that top .01%, they don’t care about us. They only care about what happens to the wealthy donors, because those are the ones who fund the campaign. This is not a coup. This is just people standing up and saying, “We want to be represented in this government.”

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