During a flurry of angry tweets over the weekend, Donald Trump claimed that his “travel ban” will prevent violence in the United States. But his admission that it is, in fact, a ban, likely just cost him his Supreme Court case, effectively destroying his “ban.” Ring of Fire’s Farron Cousins discusses this.

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Donald Trump through his own, I guess you could call it lack of intelligence, may have just effectively ended the court case that’s still pending for his Muslim ban.

Following the tragedy in Manchester this past weekend, Donald Trump tweeted out that, this particular incident shows why we need to be tough, we need to be vigilant, we need to be smart, and we need the travel ban. Now his use of the term travel ban is important, because right now, White House lawyers are arguing in court, in a case that’s going to the Supreme Court, that this is not, in fact, a ban.

Sean Spicer on several occasions has had to come out and say, “No, this executive order is not a ban.” However, Donald Trump, the man who signed the executive order, calling it ban, could very well end this court case once and for all, and get this travel ban deemed unconstitutional at the highest court. At which point there’s nothing more Donald can do about it, which is a good thing. However, the President didn’t stop there, he kept going through Monday morning, with three additional tweets where he referred to the travel ban and in fact mentioned that the Justice Department should have left the original ban in place, instead of this watered down, politically correct version 2.0, that Donald Trump had to come out with.

This is a man who has no idea what he is doing, and what kind of problems he’s creating for himself because he’s too angry to think rationally, and that’s what’s at the heart of this, it’s not just Donald Trump saying something stupid on Twitter that’s going to come back to bite him. It’s Donald Trump saying something stupid on Twitter that’s going to come back to bite him because, he is irrationally angry and not able to think clearly. That should be a cause of concern for every American citizen right now.

We’re dealing with a lot of international issues, a lot of domestic issues, and we have a President, who can’t think straight when something makes him mad. What is that going to do for our national security if something happens here on US soil? What’s that going to do for the other incidents, tragedies taking place in the United States? Had one this morning in Orlando. Again, Donald Trump is not a leader, he doesn’t understand how to lead, and to be honest, he doesn’t even want to lead at this point, his actions show that. He wants people to respect him, he wants people to look up to him and admire him, and adore him, but he doesn’t want the responsibilities that go along with being in a position like that.

His little Tweet storm is going to come back to bite him in the court system. The ACLU already jumped on this, tweeting back at Donald Trump, “Glad we can both agree that this is a ban.” The ACLU has been the plaintiff arguing in court, that it is in fact a ban, and Donald Trump just proved them right.

You know, because of Donald Trump’s irrational anger about what’s happening in the world, he is going to screw himself, and his followers, the people who wanted to see this, out of the only real accomplishment this man has made. And to be honest, again this is a very good thing. We do not need the travel ban, studies have shown that there’s been no terrorist attacks carried out in the United States by any of the countries listed in the ban. It’s useless. All it does is discriminate against people based on their religion. There’s no room for that in the United States, it’s unconstitutional in the United States, and Donald Trump’s idiotic tweets, hopefully have killed this travel ban once and for all.

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